Baby’s First Massage Instructor Class
Department:   Integrative Medicine

This one day class teaches you how to assist prenatal and newly delivered families in massaging their newborn babies. After completing the course, you would be able to teach in small groups with babies and caregivers,, or in large groups of parents using role-playing and hands-on practice with dolls. You will introduce the group to the concept and value of nurturing, systematic touch for healthy newborns as well as those with altered nervous systems from drug exposure, developmental difficulties, or birth trauma.

Please bring a baby doll and receiving blanket to class and dress comfortably yourself. You may visit to watch a video and learn more about Baby's First Massage

Fee Desc: $275.00/ Includes all materials used in the class and post workshop certification.(There is a one time $15.00 certification fee)
Hartford Hospital ERC     map
560 Hudson Street
Education & Resource Center
Hartford, CT    06102
Room: ERC Rm 216
Instructor: Eileen T. Newsome, LMT NY and FL
Please contact us for the date/time of the next class.
Registration: Required.

Please Call
Health Referral Services
Phone: (860) 545-1888 Toll-Free 1-800-545-7664

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