Masters Degree ProgramThe Graduate Institute offers a Master’s Degree in "Integrative Health and Healing" at Hartford Hospital

The Graduate Institute of Bethany, CT, in collaboration with Hartford Hospital’s Department of Integrative Medicine, offers an exceptional graduate program for Hartford Hospital staff and interested members of the community. TGI’s Master of Arts in Integrative Health and Healing explores complementary and alternative healing on a continuum with allopathic medicine. It engages healthcare practitioners, care providers, and all who are interested in achieving and promoting optimal health through the construction and delivery of humane, informed, empathic, and personalized models of care. From ancient medicine to contemporary practice, students study a number of integrative modalities that treat the whole person. Health is celebrated as the optimal alignment of body, mind, and spirit – not merely the absence of disease.

Course Topics Include:

• Adopting Integrative Care in Clinical Environments
• Classical Homeopathic Medicine
• The Art and Science of Eating
• The Philosophy and Practice of Ayurvedic Medicine
• Naturopathic Medicine: Philosophy, Principles, and Practice
• The Philosophy and Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Expressive Art Therapy
• The Energy Body, the Chakra System, Dowsing, and Shamanism
• Health of the Human Spirit: Holistic Stress Management
• Active Dreaming for Health and Healing
• Cymatics and Cymatherapy: Principles and Practice of Vibrational Healing

Learning in Community

At TGI, students are colleagues, and learning takes place in a community called a “cohort.” Each cohort is comprised of 10-20 colleagues and fosters a collaborative learning environment that honors the ideas and contributions of each individual.

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Also Available as a Certificate Program

For those who don’t want or need a master’s degree, the Integrative Health and Healing program is also available as a certificate comprising 12 graduate credits. The certificate program is completed over a 9-month period and all credits can be applied toward the MA degree.

Now Enrolling!

The next cohort begins April 11, 2014 and TGI is now accepting applications. Additional cohorts will be available in fall 2014.

For More Information

Please contact Mia Hawlk, Director of Admissions and Outreach at TGI at 203-874-4252,, or visit