Integrative Medicine
Holistic Practices for Health and Relaxation

Integrative Medicine Joins the Helen & Harry Gray Cancer Center
The Integrative Medicine Department is now a division of the Helen & Harry Gray Cancer CenterAcupuncture, ART for Healing, Guided Imagery, Massage Therapy and Reiki are offered hospital-wide to inpatients as well as outpatients at the Cancer Centers in Hartford and Avon, Outpatient Dialysis, and Post Operative Day Surgery.

Integrating Ancient Wisdom with High-Tech Medicine
Recent surveys show that more than half of all Americans use some form of complementary or alternative therapy. Research has shown that techniques such as Acupuncture, ART for Healing, Guided Imagery, Massage Therapy, and Reiki help to decrease anxiety, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain and accelerate healing. These modalities and many more are available at Hartford Hospital. (more

Explore the list of integrative practices available to patients, visitors and staff. (more)
Hartford Hospital is a leader in hospital-based integrative medicine. We literally wrote the book on establishing such programs and we can help your organization or institution create or improve a program. (more)