Upon terminating your claims-made coverage, in order to have coverage for claims reported in the future which arise out of your practice while covered under the CHS Program, you must do one of the following:
  • purchase "prior acts" coverage from your new insurer which would then cover claims arising for your CHS practice, or
  • purchase the tail coverage; this tail coverage extends indefinitely the time period during which you can report claims under your policy
The tail coverage will be provided at no cost to:
  • your estate, if you die while covered under the program
  • you, if you retire after age 55 and have been continuously insured with the Connecticut Health System Independent Staff Physicians Program for the last five years before you retire
The tail coverage will be provided to you at no cost if you meet the following requirements for total disability:
  • must be totally and continuously disabled for at least six consecutive months as a result of sickness or accidental bodily injury
  • a physician, not yourself or a member of your group, or a member of your immediate family, must certify that you are unable to perform the duties of your former "occupation," defined by specialty
If, for any reasons other than death, disability, or retirement, CNA or you choose to cancel your coverage, you have the right to purchase tail coverage. This tail extends indefinitely your right to report a claim for an incident occurring during the policy period.
You may choose limits comparable to what you presently have, or lower limits, if available. You cannot elect higher limits. A tail application will be sent to you from the CHS Insurance Department upon leaving the program.
The CHS Underwriting Committee will review all requests for re-admission to the program, after leaving, on an individual basis.