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    About the Department

    The Department of Anesthesiology provides anesthesia care for all surgical patients at Hartford Hospital, Connecticut Children's Medical Center and West Hartford Surgery Center and the Hartford Hospital Eye Surgery Center.

    Approximately 40,000 cases were performed at Hartford Hospital during 2012 (50% inpatient, 50% outpatient). Major surgery cases encompass virtually every tertiary care specialty. Highly trained subspecialty anesthesiologists direct the care of cardiac/TEE, pediatric, OB/GYN, neurosurgical, and orthopedic and transplant anesthesia care.

    Approximately 4,000 outpatient cases were performed at the West Hartford Surgery Center and 8,000 at the Hartford Hospital Eye Surgery Center. At Connecticut Children's Medical Center, 11,000 cases/procedures were performed.

    Subspecialty certified physicians collaborate with the Department of Surgery in providing Critical Care Medicine expertise. Acute pain therapy services are available by consultation with our specialists.

    Department Leadership
    Witold M. Waberski, MD
    ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Hortvet, Laurel A., MD
    CLINICAL COORDINATOR: Duggan, William J., MD
    Ambulatory Care Anesthesia: Kong, Benjamin, MD
    Cardiac/TEE Anesthesia: Gonzalez, Marbelia C., MD
    Critical Care Medicine: Mort, Thomas C., MD
    Neurosurgical Anesthesia: Mesterling, Leah, MD
    Obstetric/GYN Anesthesia and Anesthesia QAPI Director: Hortvet, Laurel A., MD
    Off-Floor Anesthesia and Clinical OR Coordinator: Duggan, William J., MD
    Orthopedic Anesthesia: Sheppard, Richard, MD
    Regional/Pain Management:
    Fischler, Adam H., MD
    Bustos, Arsenio M., MD
    Pediatric Anesthesia (CCMC): Bonanni, Craig C., MD
    PACU Medical Director: Tiernan, John F., MD
    Thoracic & Vascular Anesthesia: Tiernan, John F., MD
    Transplant Services: Martin, Thomas J., MD
    Trauma Anesthesia: McIsaac, Joseph H., MD

    Active Medical Staff