About the Department

The Department of Neurosurgery handles over 1,800 major cases encompassing the entire spectrum of neurosurgical sub-specialties. There is a rich and deep foundation of spinal surgery going back historically to the founding of the department by Dr. William Beecher Scoville. But the expertise is by no means contained to the spine; there is an active neurovascular service, skull base surgery, innovative programs in the radiosurgery of malignant and benign brain tumors as well as the operative management of those neoplasms.

The department boasts a profound experience in parasellar intracranial surgery with particular interest in transsphenoidal approaches to the pituitary region. Our service also provides neurosurgical support for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

There is a Neurotrauma Unit with a trained Neurotraumatologist. The Neurotrauma Service provides in-hospital and post-hospitalization management of head injured patients.

The physical facilities involve N9, a modern and recently renovated surgical unit. It is shared with the Neurology Service and Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit, a 10-bed state-of-the-art unit equipped to provide intracranial pressure monitoring, intracranial flow velocities, EEG and evoked potential monitoring. A variety of other management techniques is also available and this facility is staffed by the Medical Director who is our Neurointensivist.

Department Leadership
DIRECTOR: Inam U. Kureshi, MD
 ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR: Andrew E. Wakefield, MD 

Active Medical Staff