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February 17, 2013 Edition

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HH Facts:

1992 - First local catheter-based intracoronary drug delivery in the U.S. was performed at Hartford Hospital by Dr. Raymond McKay.

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Obituary: Dr. David Hull

Dr. David Hull, the face, voice and hands of the Hartford Hospital Transplant Program for more than two decades, died Feb. 11 from graft-versus-host disease related to the treatment of lymphoma. He was 59. David Hull was truly family to all of us at Hartford Hospital and he will be sorely missed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his immediate family.

David was raised in Astoria, Queens, N.Y., and graduated from Beloit College with a degree in Special Chemistry-Biology and a minor in Studio Art. He attended medical school at the University of Florida and completed his surgical residency at Boston University Affiliated Hospitals. He graduated from Tufts University Medical Center Transplant Fellowship Program.

He started his career in Transplantation and General Surgery in 1987 at Hartford Hospital. He became director of Clinical Transplantation in 1998.

He devoted his career to patients in need of transplants and those with end-stage organ illnesses. As a surgeon and professor of Surgery at UCONN Medical School, he performed countless surgeries and transplants. He also dedicated himself to academics and teaching, authoring more than 70 medical publications and abstracts. He taught surgical residents, physician assistants and nursing students from the John Dempsey Hospital, The Hospital of Saint Raphael, Waterbury Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, Quinnipiac University and Springfield College.

David was a member of the OPTN/UNOS Membership and Professional Standards Committee and was the OPTN/UNOS Region 1 Associate Councilor.

As a physician and teacher he was an innovator. He performed the first laparoscopic living-kidney-donor surgery in New England. He won numerous teaching and professional honors. In addition, he was a tireless volunteer for such organizations as the American Liver Foundation, the National Kidney Foundation and LifeChoice OPO.

In 2008, the skilled surgeon became a patient. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and began chemotherapy. Initially, he was able to sustain his schedule of surgeries. In March, 2010, he was told he required a bone-marrow transplant. The man who had done so much to encourage organ donation across our region became the recipient of donated bone marrow in August, 2010. Three weeks after the transplant – wearing a surgical mask and gloves and still in bed – he resumed taking phone calls for the regional organ donor bank. That’s how he lived our values.

He was as tenacious a patient as he was a healer. He fought back from a number of setbacks in his post-surgical recovery. In October, 2011, he was honored for his then 24 years of service by Hartford Hospital’s leadership, his medical colleagues (including former students) and many of his grateful patients in a reception that marked his transition to emeritus director of the Transplant Program. In that role, he has worked on the implementation of electronic medical records in the Transplant Program.

This past July, one of his former students, Dr. Michael D'Angelica, an attending surgeon at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, spoke of David Hull to The Hartford Courant: "He's inspirational. He's unbelievably passionate ...in a palpable way. You feel the excitement being around him.” We could not say it better.

We will be poorer at Hartford Hospital without David Hull’s unique energy, humor, wisdom, skill and leadership. As we grieve his passing and support those closest to him, let’s rededicate ourselves to the kind of untiring advocacy for patients and families and each other that was a way of life for David Hull.

Read about Dr. Hull's passing in the Hartford Courant.


Obituary: Dr. Roger Beck

Former President of Medical Staff and Vice President of Hartford Hospital


Dr. Roger Beck, 91, died Jan. 31. He came to Hartford Hospital in 1950 as an intern and completed his residency in general surgery.

He was appointed clinical assistant in surgery at Hartford Hospital in 1955.

At Hartford Hospital his entire career, he advanced to senior attending surgeon, to chairman of the Medical Staff Council and finally to president of the Medical Staff.

After retiring from surgery, Roger served as a vice president of the hospital and was the first chairman of the Planned Giving Committee.

Roger was appointed assistant clinical professor of surgery at the University of Connecticut Health Center School of Medicine in 1975 and served as associate clinical professor from 1980 to 1985.

Academic honors included the John C. Leonard Memorial Award from Hartford Hospital and the Distinguished Service Award from the Hartford County Medical Association.

Roger was a member of the Connecticut Society of American Board Surgeons, the New England Surgical Society, and the American College of Surgeons, and was active in the Hartford County Medical Association, including serving as president in 1980 and on the Board of Directors for four years.

He was also active in the Connecticut State Medical Society, including serving as president in 1989.

He is survived by his wife of 68 years, Ruth Hottinger Beck, daughter Holly Beck Clark, brother Richard Beck and sister Edith Stockton, and two grandsons. His son Christopher predeceased him in 2012.


Organ Donor Drive A Big Success

We exceeded our goal in our Donate Life campaign of registering 1,000 organ donors.  The number of donors registered by Feb. 1 was 1,250, which is remarkable. During the campaign, we used billboards, newspaper ads and television to promote organ donation.

We held a celebratory flag-raising ceremony at the hospital Feb. 1 to acknowledge the successful campaign. News anchor Al Terzi, from FoxCT, Channel 61, attended.  He was the host of the live television broadcast from our Black & Red fund raiser in January and has helped us raise awareness of the importance of registering as a donor.


Executive Rounding Began Jan. 30 To Increase Visibility

The Hartford Hospital executive leadership team began weekly hospital rounding Jan. 30. Leadership team members are visiting sections of the hospital in pairs in order to increase face-to-face communications, directly observe hospital staff members in their workplace and hear firsthand both what’s working well and where leadership can be of greater support to them every day.

Over a period of a few weeks, these leadership rounding teams will rotate throughout the entire hospital, including all ambulatory sites. This practice responds to desires expressed by staff in our recent staff survey and town hall meetings, for increased visibility of the leadership team.

Moving forward, Weekly Executive Leadership Rounding will be a regular part of our operations.


Hamilton Retreat Features Presentation By Quint Studer

Our annual Hamilton Retreat was held Feb. 7 and 8 with special guest Quint Studer, founder of Studer Group, who also gave a presentation to our Management Forum Feb. 8.  Studer Group is a 2010 winner of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and has worked with more than 400 hospitals across the country on improving quality and patient outcomes. 

Studer is a nationally renowned change agent and thought leader and is a frequent keynote speaker at national meetings.  He has more than 20 years of experience in health care and has written several best sellers on organizational leadership.  At this year’s retreat, we heard his insights on achieving service excellence and creating an optimum patient experience and discussed potential opportunities and best practices worthy of adoption at Hartford Hospital.  Board members, physician and hospital leaders and nursing directors attended.


LEAN Comes to Hartford Hospital

Hartford Hospital has introduced a Lean Training Program, focused on building competencies in our management staff in improving process efficiencies and eliminating waste. With our solid foundation in H3W, we have a unique opportunity to embed this training in a seamless fashion into our quality-improvement efforts.

In this initial phase, we have selected 18 H3W Work Group leaders for Lean training. During this training, these individuals will be mentored while leading improvement projects addressing, among other things, bed utilization, blood bank efficiencies, bed turnaround times, and the patient transition process.

The trainees will undergo 12 training modules in Lean principles and techniques and will complete their projects during the training. Following this initial phase, we will evaluate the success of the program and explore next steps for expanding the training at Hartford Hospital.


Finances Strong in January

January was very strong for both inpatient and outpatient activity. Inpatient discharges exceeded budget for the month by 4.3% and more importantly showed growth over the prior year for the month of January by 9.3%.

Outpatient revenues showed improvement from the month of December and were above budget by approximately 8% in January. The Emergency Department, Radiation/Oncology and Ambulatory Surgery had the largest favorable variances for the month.

Year to date through January, fiscal year 2013 inpatient discharges are 1.8% greater than budgeted and 3.6% greater than the first four months of the prior fiscal year. Outpatient revenues are 2.7% above the budget for the four months ending in January 2013.


Length of Stay Initiative Underway; Call For Increased Physician Focus

The Length of Stay Strategic Initiative is well underway now with essentially all the necessary infrastructure and operational redesigns in place on our 10 in-scope patient care units. We will begin to deploy this program to the remaining units in the coming weeks.

Daily clinical progression rounds, clinical high risk meetings, patient progression meetings, increased focus and engagement of case coordinators and social work staff, Implementation of the Patient ONTRAC reporting tool, revised physician advisor role and case escalation protocol are among the foundational initiatives now fully functioning.

"While we have had some early successes, now is the time for increased physician focus on this initiative," said Dr. Stuart Markowitz, vice president and chief medical officer. "Involvement in daily progression rounds, steady attention to anticipated dates of discharge, and improved communication with nursing during rounding are essential. In order to achieve true success we need timely consultations when ordered and consideration given by consultants to what testing and procedures must be performed during the admission and which can be safely performed after transition occurs to an outpatient setting."

Please become familiar with the components of this program and the dashboard data being produced and distributed. We will continue to bring regular updates to the Medial Staff. Thank you in advance for your full cooperation.


Malloy Budget Bad News For Hospitals

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy proposed a $43.8 billion, two-year budget Feb. 6 that avoids major state tax increases, cuts health care and other benefits for the poor while relying on major new bonding to help close a $1.2 billion deficit.

The governor's proposal includes more than $200 million in cuts lawmakers made last December to help close a shortfall in the current budget. Connecticut's hospitals took the single-largest hit two months ago, losing $103 million in state aid to help them treat the uninsured and Medicaid patients.

The administration also wants to reduce aid to hospitals by another $146 million per year by 2014-15.

An early HHC analysis estimates that for the remaining part of the current fiscal year through fiscal year 2015, this budget would reduce Hartford HealthCare’s anticipated state Medicaid revenue by nearly $138 million. At Hartford Hospital, that total would be more than $66 million.

Hospital and Hartford HealthCare leadership teams already have begun talking with journalists and opinion leaders hope to work collaboratively with legislators and the governor’s team to find alternatives to these cuts. We believe that the system we are building can be part of the solution and we soon will be asking physicians to play a role in advocating for our hospitals.


Dr. Barry Stein Serves As Invited Faculty At Three National Medical Meetings

Dr. Barry Stein, vice chair of the Department of Radiology, chief of Cardiovascular MRI and CT and member of the Division of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, was on the invited faculty at three major international medical meetings last November: VEITHsymposium: The 40th Annual Symposium on Vascular and Endovascular Issues in New York; the 98th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago; and the 26th Annual Congress of the American College of Phlebology in Hollywood, FL.


Senior Global GE Healthcare Executives Visit HH To Explore Opportunities to Innovate

Dr. Barry Stein hosted a half-day meeting in January about opportunities to innovate at Hartford Hospital with seven senior global GE Healthcare executives including the president and CEO. The visit included discussions with Jeff Flaks, president/CEO of Hartford Hospital; Luis Taveras, CIO of Hartford HealthCare; and Dr. Steven Shichman and Steve Donahue of CESI.

The agenda of the visit was to explore opportunities to enhance the effective intersects of medical imaging technology, information technology and imaging informatics and analytics to promote clinically efficient work flows for large health care systems and enterprises; and to explore opportunities to conduct translational research and development to achieve innovative health care technologies and solutions.


Florida Hospital Management Visits HH to Learn About H3W

Six members of the Florida Hospital of East Orlando visited Hartford Hospital Feb. 14 to learn more about H3W. The visit was prompted by the presentation given this past November by CEO Jeff Flaks and Vice President of Patient Safety Dr. Jamie Rocheat the annual national Press Ganey Conference.

The management team from the Florida hospital began their visit by attending the Radiation Oncology H3W Work Group Meeting and then spent the remainder of the day with our administrative team and H3W facilitators reviewing the elements of our H3W operating model. The Florida group also toured CESI.

Innovative and Complex Care

Dr. Edmond Cronin To Join Electrophysiology

The Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine is proud to announce that Dr. Edmond M. Cronin, who is presently a Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellow at the Cleveland Clinic, will be joining the section of electrophysiology on April 1. 

Dr. Cronin is originally from Ireland and received his medical degree from University College Cork in June 2003.  He did his internship and medical residency at Cork University Hospital in Ireland, and his cardiology fellowship rotating at Cork University Hospital, the Adelaide & Meath Hospital, Dublin, and the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin.  He completed his fellowship in clinical electrophysiology at the Cleveland Clinic in 2012, where he has remained to focus on clinical research and advanced training in complex ablation. 

He is the first author of 13 peer-reviewed medical articles and a contributing author on an additional six articles as well as three book chapters. Dr. Cronin will practice all aspects of invasive clinical electrophysiology with a special emphasis on lead extraction and ventricular arrhythmia ablation. 

Research and Academics

Physician Authors Listed on Library Intranet Site

The current lists of HH/IOL Physician Authors are on the Library Intranet Site:  http://intranet.harthosp.org/hh/dept/93?route=2 

You will find the lists under the category "Featured Resources."  These lists cover the authors for HH/IOL from July-December, 2012. There is also an author resource list for the IOL covering 2010- June, 2012.

The authors featured on these lists are peer-reviewed, are listed on Pub-Med and claim Hartford Hospital or the Institute of Living as the source of their work. Nursing articles that fit this criteria are also listed. 

Library services encourage you to celebrate our authors by ordering and reading these original works.  At the bottom of each page is the Library's document link for ordering articles.  If you have any questions about these lists, please contact Sheila Hayes at 860-972-2416 or shayes01@harthosp.org

Care Coordination

SCM Upgrade Allows Data Exchange Between SCM and Allscripts

Sunrise Clinical Manager underwent a very successful an upgrade to the most current software version on Jan. 19. This upgrade allows us exchange data between Sunrise Clinical Manager and Allscripts Enterprise, a major step towards coordinating care.

A new module will improve immunization tracking, including those that are administered outside of the hospital. The upgrade also includes functionality to manage advance patient lists which supports rounding and the ability to track specific patient populations.

The most significant new functionality is a module that will support medication reconciliation at admission, changes in level of care, and discharge. This includes better functionality to record home medications, access to outpatient prescription history, and the ability to prescribe discharge medication by eprescription or printing prescriptions on paper. Look for this new functionality to arrive later this spring.


Inpatient Dermatology Consultation Available

As of February 4, inpatient dermatology consultation is again available.  Newly joining our medical staff, Dr. Meagen McCuster will be available on Monday mornings and Dr. Jun Lu on Thursday mornings.

A dermatology consult can be booked by calling 860-545-2876.  Please share this contact information with members of your groups, departments and divisions. The consultative service is brought to you through a partnership with the University of Connecticut Health Center.

Operational Update

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Please take our 45-second survey to let us know how we are doing, and how we can do it better.

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Department of Medicine Monthly Meeting

The Department of Medicine will have its monthly meeting next Thursday, February 21 at 8 a.m.in Gilman Auditorium. Please make every effort to attend in order to keep abreast of updates in the Medicine Department. Agenda will be forthcoming.


New Physicians Join Medical Staff

Dr. Brian D. Bell, Dentistry, The Dental Center, LLC
Dr. Sanjeev P. Bhavnani, Cardiology, Hartford Hospital
Dr. Patrick H. Carroll, Internal Medicine, Hartford Physician Services, PC
Dr. Ashley D. Casserino, Pediatrics, UCONN Medical Group
Dr. Joshua Croen, Palliative Medicine, Hartford Hospital
Dr. Juan C. Escalon, Thoracic Surgery, Hartford Clinical Associates, P.C.
Dr. John Horky, Radiology, Jefferson Radiology, PC
Dr. Jason Jacob, Internal Medicine, Hartford Hospital
Dr. Susan Jordan, Radiology, Jefferson Radiology, PC
Dr. Mario W. Katigbak, Thoracic Surgery, Hartford Clinical Associates, PC
Dr. Kalpana L. Mani, Radiology, Jefferson Radiology, PC
Dr. Ronan Margey, Interventional Cardiology, Hartford Cardiac Laboratory PC
Dr. Jason Port, Radiology, Jefferson Radiology
Dr. Jacqueline A. Rheiner, Internal Medicine, Hartford Hospital
Dr. Mahammed P. Saiyed, Internal Medicine, Windsor Medical Associates
Dr. Anne-Katrin Weischedel, Family Medicine, Hartford Medical Group


Auxiliary Seeks Requests For Special Projects Funding

The Hartford Hospital Auxiliary is inviting requests for funding for their spring 2013 round of Special Projects funding. Grants are between $2,000 and $25,000. Requests are due by February 22. Instructions and request forms can be downloaded here.

You may find it useful to see the following list of some previous beneficiaries of Special Projects funds:
• Bliss 11I - supply carts
• Brownstone Ambulatory Services - Equipment for adult primary care floor
• CESI - minimally invasive training boxes
• Helen & Harry Gray Cancer Center - tool to pre-screen patients for clinical trials
• ERN - Video Frenzel goggles
• Joint Center - EKG machine
• Institute of Living / child & adolescent unit - instruments for the music program
• North 8 - Dinamap machine
• Women's Health - breast feeding equipment

HH In the News

Hartford Schools Get Boost From Corporate, Philanthropic Partners

Hartford Courant, Jan. 28

Corporations, community groups and local agencies contributed nearly $15 million to support the school system's reform efforts during the 2011-12 year, according to a district report released this month.

Last week, the school system launched the Hartford Promise college scholarship fund after receiving $4.1 million from six donors, including Travelers, Hartford Hospital and the nonprofit Say Yes to Education. The program, which begins with the Class of 2016, will award graduating high school seniors up to $20,000 over four years to help pay for college.


A Life Saving Valentine: Husband Gives Wife Kidney

Hartford Courant, Feb. 14

When Jorge Altamirano heard that his wife would need a kidney transplant, the decision to offer one of his own was simple. The couple was wheeled into surgery Wednesday evening at Hartford Hospital for the procedure, which took nearly six hours.

"I'm impressed at how well our patients look just one day after surgery," said Dr. Matthew Brown, a transplant surgeon at Hartford Hospital. Dr. Anne Lally performed the surgery.

The pair will probably be released from the hospital before the week is out, he said, and are expected to recover fully. Transplanting a kidney from a live donor into another person is a routine but still remarkable procedure, said Brown. Halfway through the procedure, doctors can watch the transplanted kidney "come back to life" in the recipient's body.

While there are a host of complications that can arise for both the donor and the recipient, Brown said that about 98 percent of patients in living donor transplants are living with their fully functioning kidney a year later. It's not uncommon for spouses to donate to each other, he said, but what strikes him is the generosity of the live donors.

"People die while they're waiting for organs every day," Brown said.

In the HHC System

Hospital of Central Connecticut Early Warning System Helps Improve Patient Outcomes

Hartford Courant, Jan. 21

A computerized early warning system being piloted at The Hospital of Central Connecticut automatically alerts caregivers when patients take a turn for the worse, allowing for earlier interventions that can improve patients' outcomes.

The system, currently being piloted on one nursing unit, is expected to go hospital-wide in mid-January, at HOCC's New Britain General campus and Bradley Memorial campus in Southington.


Windham Hospital Emergency Department

Hartford Courant, Feb. 13

Windham Hospital's Emergency Department ranks in the 99th percentile for satisfaction according to a patient survey by Press Ganey. In the survey, the Windham Hospital Emergency Department (ED) outperformed the mean score for all other emergency departments in the state by 9.4-percent.

Health Care News In the Region

St. Francis Partners With Urban League To Address Health Disparities In Hartford

Hartford Courant, Jan. 15

To further eliminate health inequities within the city's African American population, St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center has created a partnership with the Urban League of Greater Hartford. The Center for Health Equity and the Curtis D. Robinson Men's Health Institute, both operated by Saint Francis, have moved into 5,400 square-feet of space in the Urban League building on Ashley Street and began operating there this week. Both organizations had previously operated out of the main St. Francis building.

The Men's Health Institute was formed in 2010 with a $1 million donation from Hartford resident Curtis D. Robinson. It has focused on raising awareness among African American men about the importance of getting screened for prostate cancer, and treatment for it if necessary. African American men are at a significantly higher risk than other populations of getting prostate cancer, and have historically been one of the groups least likely to get tested for it.


As Angioplasty Risks Decrease, More Hospitals Provide It

Hartford Courant, Feb. 13

Because angioplasty was once a much riskier procedure, the state allowed only hospitals with the capability to perform open heart surgery provide it on an elective basis.

That changed Wednesday, when Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London performed an elective angioplasty after receiving state approval.

Since 2008, L&M has regularly performed emergency angioplasties, in collaboration with Yale-New Haven Hospital, but the state had not allowed it to perform elective angioplasties because it didn't have the capability to perform open heart surgery in the case of a complication.

Coming Events

Feb. 21 (Thursday)

Neurology Grand Rounds

Sugar & Salt: Osmotic Therapy and the Brain

Dr. Robert Brown, Neuro-Intensivist/Assistant Clinical Professor, Departments of Surgery and Neurology, Hartford Hospital. 8 a.m., JB-118.


Feb. 27 (Wednesday)

Schwartz Center Rounds

11:45 a.m., Gilman Auditorium

The topic will be "Recognition." A new Schwartz Rounds/Hartford Hospital award is in development, and we want you to help us define it.

Lunch will be provided. No RSVP necessary. Contact Kathy Burns at ext. 5-5712 with any questions.


Feb. 28 (Thursday)

Psychiatric Grand Rounds

Suicide Risk Assessment and Management: Integrating Empirical Evidence into Clinical Practice

Dr. M. David Rudd, University of Utah. 12-1:15 p.m., Hartford Room, IOL Commons Building.


March 1 (Friday)

Colon Cancer Alliance's National Dress in Blue Day

Join the Colon Cancer Alliance’s (CCA) National Dress in Blue Day program on March 1 to help raise awareness for colon cancer and funds to benefit the CCA’s screening, patient support and research programs.

Employees, patients and visitors are encouraged to stop by the table that will be set up in the main lobby from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. on Friday, March 1.  Colorectal cancer educational materials and screening resources will be offered. You may also contact Hartford Hospital’s Cancer Connect, at 860-545-6000 for more information regarding colorectal cancer awareness.

Visit www.dressinblueday.com to learn how you can get involved in the fight for a future free of colon cancer.


March 7 (Thursday)

Endocrine Intercity Rounds

12 p.m., Gilman Auditorium

Dr. Andrea Dunaif, professor of endocrinology and metabolism at Northwestern University. Topic TBA.


March 8 (Friday)

Pancreatic Cancer Symposium: Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Advances in Treatment

Farmington Marriott Hotel

Hartford Hospital’s "Pancreatic Cancer Symposium: Prevention, Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Advances in Treatment" will be held on Friday, March 8 from 12-6 p.m. at the Farmington Marriott Hotel, 15 Farm Springs Road in Farmington.

This 2nd annual seminar includes a focus on the use of clinical staging, the use of appropriate prognostic indicators and evidence-based national treatment guidelines in treatment planning. Topics of discussion: Epidemiology/Our Experience/EUS/Screening, Genetics, Pathology, Imaging, Management of Cystic Neoplasms, Surgical Updates, Updates in Medical Oncology.

Seminar faculty features Dr. Michael Golioto; Dr. Michael Karasik; Dr. Saverio Ligato; Dr. Michael O'Loughlin; Dr. C. Max Schmidt; Dr. Ramon Jimenez; Dr. Pragna Kapadia; Dr. Timothy Hong, and Linda Steinmark, MS, CGC.

This event is open to all health care providers to earn 5 AMA PRA category 1 credits and 4.83 CEUs.

Cost is $50 for physicians, $20 for non-physicians. Registration is required by March 6. To register, go to harthosp.org/event/796 or contact Health Referral Services 860-545-1888 or Toll Free 1-800-545-7664. For more information, contact Ginelle McPherson at 860-545-4594 or gmcpherson@harthosp.org.


April 6 (Saturday)

American Lung Association "Fight for Air" Climb

Join the Hartford Healthcats Team! Race, run or walk to the 38th floor of Connecticut’s tallest building to raise money for the ALA’s fight for air, pulmonary research, asthma and other lung diseases. The "Fight For Air" Stair Climb will be held on Saturday, April 6 with check-in starting at 8 a.m. at City Place, 185 Asylum Street in Hartford.

Advance registration is $35 ($50 day of event), and there is a $100 fundraising minimum per person. Contact Heather Caisse at hcaisse@lungne.org or by phone at 413-505-5059. To learn more about the Fight for Air Climbs, click here.


May 9 (Thursday)

Sixth Annual Neil Grey MD Memorial Lecture in Diabetes

Gilman Auditorium, 8 a.m.

The Sixth Annual Neil Grey MD Memorial Lecture in Diabetes will be held Thursday, May 9 from 8-9 a.m. in Gilman Auditorium. Speaker is Dr. Guillermo Umpierrez, head of endocrinology and diabetes at Grady Health System at Emory University.


May 17 (Friday)

12th Annual Henry Low Heart Center Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium

ERC, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

This symposium is designed to educate Hartford Hospital nurses on a variety of cardiovascular topics. Speakers will be Dr. Eileen Herman, Dr. Jeffrey Klugar, Dr. John Granquist, April Mann, Jami Tyska, and Angel Rentas.


For more coming events, click here.

Hot Topics in Healthcare

HIPAA gets tougher on physicians

American Medical News, Feb. 4

A revised set of federal privacy rules is expected to have a significant impact on the way physicians run their practices. Revised privacy notices will need to be displayed in prominent areas of doctors’ offices and on practices’ websites. Patients will be able to ask for copies of their electronic health records or restrict the information given to health plans if they self-pay for services. And perhaps most important, practices might be subject to serious fines if any of their business associates cause security breaches.


White House warns of sequester's healthcare impact

Modern Healthcare, Feb. 8

The Obama administration is warning that budget cuts scheduled for March 1 would hit especially hard in mental healthcare, medical research and the drug approval process.

On Friday, the administration released details of some of the nonmilitary cuts under the Budget Control Act of 2011, which required $1.2 trillion in across-the-board spending cuts from most federal programs over 10 years.The White House paper said the cuts would mean the loss of 12,000 research positions funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health and the end of treatment for 373,000 people with mental illness due to reductions in the Mental Health Block Grant.

Enhancing The Patient Experience

Did You Know We Have A Director of Patient Experience?


One year ago, David Fichandler, who had been the hospital's director of rehabilitative services, was named to the newly created position of director of Patient Experience. His job is to use H3W tools to examine and improve all aspects of the patient encounter.

Fichandler coordinates Public Safety, Communication Center, Patient Relations, Hudson Suites, valet parking and all of the departments and programs that affect patient perceptions.

As coleader of Team EXCEED, Fichandler has been deeply involved in the development of many patient experience enhancements, including hourly rounding, development of the new employee ID badge, patient white boards, “Making a Difference” training, and the revised professional image policy.

Fichandler joined Hartford Hospital in 2008. To reach him, call 860-545-2450 or email dfichandler@harthosp.org


Kudos to Dr. Aized Imitiaz

Dear Dr. Imitiaz,

I totally enjoyed your hospital visits, not only because you distracted me from my pain, but because you have an inquisitive mind, friendly personality and diverse interests. Thank you for making a difficult situation almost bearable.

If you ever decide to change from a hospitalist to a primary care physician or nephrologist, please be sure to let me know. I'll be the first patient waiting in your office.

Thanks again for your concern and support.

Sheila Feldstein

The Seymour Street Journal (SSJ) has been developed to communicate key messages pertinent to our hospital's physicians. It will keep you informed and up-to-date on hospital, network, and health care news in a concise, convenient format. The SSJ will be sent to your preferred e-mail address every other Sunday. Back issues can be viewed here. For any questions or suggestions, please contact Dr. Jeffry Nestler, Medical Staff President, at (860) 836-7313.