Cardiac Rehabilitation ProgramCardiac Rehabilitation is a comprehensive outpatient physician-referred exercise and education program for patients recovering from a cardiac event which may include CABG, MI, stable angina, heart transplantation, valve surgery, angioplasty, MAZE procedure, CHF.

The clinical staff is made up of nurses, exercise physiologists, and physical therapists who have a strong background in cardiology, exercise science, and patient education. These staff members design and implement an appropriate exercise prescription and education program to meet the patient’s individual needs. Patients exercise with telemetry monitoring while staff assess the appropriateness of their cardiovascular response and adjust the program accordingly.

Good communication skills enhance patient motivation to make important lifestyle changes. Dialogue and feedback to referring physicians provides for quality care through the continuum.

This program is offered to outpatients at Hartford Hospital as well as two satellites which are located in Avon and Glastonbury.