Hartford Hospital and the General Surgery Cluster are dedicated to the care of the surgical population. We have a commitment to provide the very best care possible to patients who are in need of surgery.

The General Surgery Cluster includes:

The Nurse Director for General Surgery is Cathy Yavinsky, RN, MS, NEA-BC.

Bliss 7I - Surgical-Trauma ICU (SICU)

The Surgical-Trauma Intensive Care Unit (SICU) is a 12-bed surgical teaching unit that utilizes a multidisciplinary health care team approach to 24-hour care. The patient population is served by a multitude of medical specialties including cardiothoracic, vascular, trauma, transplant as well as general surgery. As a statewide referral for Centers of Excellence and a Level 1 trauma center, the SICU serves those patients with the most complex multi-system issues that characteristically vary from the “typical” critical path scenario.

The SICU provides state-of-the-art technology for the adult critically ill including hemodynamic monitoring (both invasive and advanced non-invasive techniques), continuous renal replacement therapy (CVVH-D), titration of vasoactive drugs as well as many other critical care therapies.

The SICU has also implemented advanced strategies for serving the families of the critically ill. Offering a family voice mail system, family presence on interdisciplinary rounds and regularly scheduled family meetings, supports family assurance and information needs.

Nursing growth and development are high priorities in the SICU. Many educational offerings both within the hospital and outside the hospital are offered and supported. The SICU is on the cutting edge in bringing evidenced-based medicine to the bedside. Development of a behavioral pain scale and involvement in a national benchmarking program for achieving unsurpassed clinical outcomes are just two examples of the outstanding quality of care provided by the nurses in the SICU. A strong preceptor/mentorship program and tri-annual validations support all competencies expected of the SICU nurses.
The Nurse Manager for B7I is Sue Williamson, RN.

Bliss 7 - Step-Down

Bliss 7 Step-down is a 3 bed surgical unit, utilizing an interdisciplinary Health Care Team to direct and provide 24-hour care. The patient population is culturally diverse with age ranges from 16 years to 90 years plus. They include general surgical, trauma, cardiac surgical, gastric bypass, peripheral vascular, and thoracic surgical patients who continue to require close monitoring. Most of the multi-varied populations have very individualized patient and family needs as most vary from the typical critical path scenario. They may require intensive respiratory management, including ventilatory support, cardiac monitoring (include the management of arterial lines, central venous catheters, and any of the continuous IV medications as per policy) and intensive nursing care.

The geriatric population at times can comprise a large portion of the B7-Step-down and B7-East census and is therefore on integral part of the entire units’ scope of care. The many co-morbidities associated with this population requires unique assessment ability, surveillance, and nursing management. Nursing yearly validation assures competency for this unique patient population.
The Nurse Manager for B7 Step-Down is Sue Williamson, RN.

Bliss 7-East - Vascular/Thoracic Surgery

Challenging opportunity to become a member of a 24-bed Vascular-Thoracic in-patient unit at Hartford Hospital.  Join our dynamic, empowered nursing team in providing care to these highly complex patient populations, which include leg bypass, lobectomy, podiatry, esophago-gastrectomy, carotid and multiple stent procedures.  Our patient care is driven by evidence-based practice; our priorities service excellence, patient safety and best possible outcomes.  Exercise your autonomy using your critical thinking skills and collaborate with some of the finest medical professionals in the state as you provide care to this diverse patient population.
The Nurse Manger for B7E is Michelle Eldridge RN, BSN.

Bliss 8 - General Surgery

Bliss 8 (B8) is a 42-bed, General Surgical, Urology-Surgery and Plastic Surgery teaching unit. Under the direction of its interdisciplinary Health Care Team, B8 is dedicated to providing quality care for its patients. Five resident MD teaching services care for patients on B8: Green, Blue and Red General Surgery, Urology and Plastic Surgery. Each resident surgery is lead by a “PG-5”, or Chief, and junior residents. An on-call system for resident MD coverage is established for each service, published and posted on B8 for nursing staff to access for patient concerns, questions, plan of care. B8 Nursing Leadership is comprised of Director, 1 Unit Manager, 1 Nurse Educator (who also covers other areas within the Surgical Division), 2 Acute-Care Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. Nursing staff roles include RN, differentiated into RN and RN Advanced via the Professional Practice Model of HH Department of Nursing, PCA’s, PAA’s and PSA’s.

B8’s patient population is adult, age 18-and older, both elective and emergent surgical and sometimes re-admission post-surgical. Specifically, B8 serves surgical gastric, biliary, bowel, breast re-constructive, thyroid, throat, urologic and plastic-re-constructive/wound care needs resultant from neoplasm, autoimmune disease, chronic inflammatory disease, nutritional disorders, wound and skin disorders of acutely-ill patients. Patients are received from PACU and also as transfers from ICU or Step-down areas. While approximately 50% of the patients’ plans of care include critical pathways for case management, all patients’ care is individualized based upon needs identified via assessment and problem-identification processes which are documented on the unit’s Problem List document. All patient require multi-system assessment, non-invasive monitoring and may require support of state-of-the-art technology via IV pumps, feeding pumps, hyperalimentation, suction and gravity drainage systems, wound and skin care, pain management. The average Length of Stay, though quite diagnosis/procedure-specific, is 5.4 days.
The Nurse Manager for B8 is Susanne Yeakel, RN, MSN, CNAA, BC.

Center 8 - Interventional/Surgical Short Stay Unit

Center 8, Surgical Short Stay and Same Day Admission unit is a 34-bed unit.  Skilled nursing care is provided in an efficient, cost effective manner to patients who require preparation for surgery and interventional procedures, outpatient short stays, cardiac monitoring and pos-procedure care.  Same Day Admission and preparation and process is provided to patients undergoing vascular, cardiac, orthopedic, transplant and Oral-maxillofacial surgery.  In addition, physicians are assisted with kidney and liver biopsies, lumbar punctures and bronchoscopies which are performed on Center 8.

Center 8 staff of Registered Nurses, Patient Care Assistants, Patient Administrative Assistants, Unit Aide and volunteers help guide patients and families through their hospital stay by ensuring patients and families are well informed regarding all aspects of their stay.
With the advent of new technology in the Operating Room and Interventional Radiology areas, the nursing staff of Center 8 attends inservices and educational seminars in order to bring the best nursing care to the bedside.
The Nurse Manager for C8 is Patricia DePietro RN, BSN.

Vascular Laboratory

The Hartford Hospital Vascular Laboratory offers non-invasive peripheral vascular studies. Non-invasive procedures are those in which no dyes, x-rays or needles are used.