Hartford Hospital’s Medical Division offers a supportive environment conducive to professional growth, collaborative practices, and patient centered care. We are committed to providing innovative, quality care to our diverse patient populations across their continuum.
Some of our attributes that we are most proud of include:
Evidence Based Practice
Our nursing team incorporates the most current practice standards in striving to provide optimal patient care and continuous quality improvement initiatives.
Shared Governance Atmosphere
We provide an environment where your ideas promote and enhance staff and patient satisfaction. An example of one of our highly functioning council structures is self-scheduling. Collaborative decision making allows for each member of the team to be recognized and supports the framework of the “team.”
Our nurturing division tailors orientation to meet the individual needs of our employees. Our supportive leadership team fosters continuous professional growth and development.

Nursing Units

For more information regarding nursing opportunities on North 12, contact the Nurse Manager, Anne McNeil, RN, BSN.
North 12

North 12 is a 26-bed unit comprised of patients with GI, Endocrine, and Pulmonary diseases, including Crohn’s, Colitis, Liver Disease, Pancreatitis, New Onset IDDM, DKA, Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia, Pneumonia, and COPD. There is a challenging patient population with complex multi-system problems.


CB5 is a 26-bed medical/surgical telemetry unit.  Our staff is team focused and extremely supportive of new members.  We provide care to complex patients with acute exacerbations of chronic illnesses, manage wounds requiring a variety of innovative interventions, and collaborate with all physician and clinical services.  Every day, we offer our patients alternative and supportive therapies to help them cope with hospitalization and reach their health goals such as art or pet therapy, Reike, and massage.

For more information regarding nursing opportunities on CB5, contact the Nurse Manager, Glenn Basile.

Bliss 11 East & Step-Down

B11E is a 24-bed medical/pulmonary teaching unit. There are 12 intermediate care beds with a patient population comprised predominantly of individuals with respiratory illness: pneumonia, asthma, COPD, respiratory failure, CF and many complex patients with co-morbidities. There are also 12 medical step-down beds caring for a population that is varied with complex co-morbidities.
For more information regarding nursing opportunities on Bliss 11 East & Step-Down, contact the Nurse Manager, Mike Davis.

Bliss 11 I
B11I is a 16-bed Medical Intensive Care Unit. The MICU specializes in caring for critically ill adult patients and their families, through multidisciplinary collaboration. Our MICU team is participating in a National Performance Improvement initiative for the past five years. This initiative utilizes evidence based practice and communication initiatives to improve patient outcomes and safety in the delivery of ICU care.  The diagnoses of patients admitted to Bliss 11 I are varied and complex. These diagnoses include Respiratory diseases and failure, liver diseases, endocrine disturbances and drug overdoses, as well as multi-system diseases and organ failure.

For more information regarding nursing opportunities on Bliss 11 I, contact the Nurse Manager, LuAnn Mahoney, RN, BSN, NE-BC.
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Medicine/Infectious Disease -- Center 12
CENTER 12 is a 26-bed medical unit that offers nurses a wide variety of experiences.  While caring for patients with both acute and chronic illnesses, you will become familiar with liver disease, HIV, and other infectious diseases.
For more information regarding nursing opportunities on Center 12, contact the Nurse Manager, Lee Steere, RN, BSN.
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