Megan Nickerson, RN, left, Angie Zatorski, RN, center,
and Kari Horton, RN, right.

Upon admission to Hartford Hospital, patients are cared for on North 11, the Advanced Organ Support and Transplantation Unit.

North 11 is a 26-bed nursing unit. The patient population is primarily organ transplant recipients, donors and patients with end-stage organ disease. Our staff is a highly specialized team of 25 nurses, 1 APRN and 2 PAs.

There are also 15 patient care assistants, 5 patient administrative assistants and 2 patient support assistants.

The nursing orientation is quite extensive involving 8-10 weeks of classroom and clinical time. The orientation covers the spectrum of transplantation from pre-transplant to transplant to post-transplant.

The North 11 Clinical Team



Observing an actual transplant is part of the orientation. The management of North 11 is comprised of a unit director and unit manager who provide clinical leadership and manage resources while ensuring the highest quality patient care.

The Nurse Manager for the Transplanation Unit is Carol L. Ghergurovich, MS, RN, NE-BC.