Christine Case, Eileen Hermann, and
Sharon Grad in the Center for Education, Simulation & Innovation (CESI)
Cardiology Core - An Education Program to Build Strong Cardiology Nurses

Program Description:

The Henry Low Heart Center at Hartford Hospital provides a comprehensive education program for all new nurses in Cardiology to meet the necessary elements of performance required for all nurses entering cardiology. The program blends content with technology to improve knowledge, skills and attitude.

This education program will seek to introduce the importance of using a complement of classroom and simulation training to augment clinical knowledge, improve clinical performance and increase nursing satisfaction during the orientation process. CEUs are available for participants who complete the program.

Content Outline:

  1. Didactic - Classroom experiences provide the core knowledge essential for success in the cardiology setting. Course content contains cardiology specific pathophysiology, disease processes, assessment and case scenarios to enhance critical thinking skills.

  2. Simulation Training - Simulation in the Center for Education, Simulation & Innovation (CESI) occurs 2 hours a week to reflect content learned in the classroom. These sessions allow simulation of real-life experiences of cardiology events with immediate patient responses to nursing interventions. The instructors as well as peers at the conclusion of each skills session provide debriefing and constructive feedback. The simulation center provides a “non-threatening” application of skill to develop the competence and confidence the nurse needs at the bedside.

  3. Roundtable - Weekly lunch roundtables are hosted for all nurses to give them the opportunity to share their experiences, ask questions, review “hot topics”, and just mingle with other new nurses on their service. This helps bring them together as a group, enhances team performance and ultimately improves overall job satisfaction and performance.

For more information regarding Cardiovascular Nursing Education, contact:

Amalia Labinson, RN MSN