Marlene Harris RN, MSMarlene Harris RN, MS
Nurse Educator, Nursing Education & Research
A true “Jersey Girl”, Marlene is enjoying her 11th year as part of the group known as, “The Divas of Nursing Education” her primary role is the orientation of our Patient Care Associates.
She is also a New Employee Orientation Facilitator, American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor and Service Excellence Facilitator.  She serves on the hospital Glycemic Control Control Committee and the Unit Aide Role Transition Committee.  Marlene is a facilitator of job shadow placements and serves as the Coordinator of our Nursing Summer and Winter Internship Programs.
She is also Treasurer of The Northern Connecticut Black Nurses Association Inc., Secretary of the 2006-2007 Montessori Magnet School PTA and the First Communion II Catechist at St. Justin Church located in Hartford, Connecticut. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Health Care Management from The Hartford Graduate Center; now know as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

“ I believed in myself and I knew that my time would come.” -- Keenen Ivory Waynans

"I am a true believer in faith, the power of positive thinking and strong role models.  As a young girl, I remember watching television and was amazed by Diahann Carroll and her portrayal of a radiant African American Nurse named “Julia”.  Her son Cory was cute too!  Her beautiful white uniform, poise and knowledge of nursing were one of my first inspirations to become a nurse.  My Aunt Gladys, who at the time was completing her Doctorate in Nursing and my parents were my other inspirations."

"Throughout the latter part of elementary school and all of high school, I knew I wanted to become a nurse.  I became a candy striper, upon the support and advice of my parents, to make sure that I knew what nursing was about.  I remember helping feed patients, assisting with dressing changes and more.  Coming from a small town in New Jersey, everyone knows you.  I remember people at the hospital saying, 'That’s Alice and Moe’s youngest daughter, she is going to be a nurse'."

"I return to my hometown quite often to find many of the same faces I knew as a child.  They continue to say, “That’s Alice and Moe’s youngest daughter, you know, the nurse who lives in Connecticut."

"My nursing school days at Seton Hall University were not easy.  I remember coming home after my first semester of carrying 18 credits.  I was much heavier than when I left home for school, very tired and almost bald!  Even though my physical appearance changed, my spirit and drive to become a nurse remained very strong.  Relying on my faith, positive thinking, strong family, friends and role models, I made it through.  My career includes, staff nursing, 9 ½ years of management and now education.  By far my greatest accomplishments include my husband and 2 'Divetes'."

"I truly enjoy education. When I am teaching, especially the Patient Care Associates, I see myself in so many of the students I teach.  Fearful in the beginning, victorious in the end.  It is especially heartwarming to see and hear that your former students are doing well in their roles and many have gained the confidence and expertise to pursue different careers including nursing. I hope that I have been an inspiration to them as so many have been to me."

"I am proud to be me and a 'Diva of Education"