Stacey Carl RN, MSNStacey Carl RN, MSN
Nurse Educator, Off Shift  
Stacey is one of the two off-shift nursing educators. As the only educator in the hospital at night, we are responsible for the coverage of twenty-four patient care units. We provide hospital-wide nursing educational support designed to assist staff in achieving service excellence, professional and patient outcome goals. Coverage includes responding to cardiac alerts: assisting and debriefing the nurses, providing rapid response support to nurses caring for patients who are doing poorly and possibly needing transfer to a higher level of care. We are available to provide education on a variety of specialty topics, as well as hospital-wide education such as using the Zoll defibrillator, or code cart reviews. We work with the new graduate nurses when they rotate to the off shifts, providing them with additional support and resources. And we are always available for any questions or clinical concerns from the staff nurses. We work closely with the day nursing educators to ensure follow through of service based initiatives, and the off shift Coordinators to identify immediate and ongoing staff learning needs.

Stacey received her BSN from the University of Maine, and an MSN from the University of Hartford in 2006. Stacey started her nursing career in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps specializing in emergency medicine. After coming to Hartford Hospital, the Emergency Department continued to be her focus until transitioning to the newly developed off-shift educator position