Becoming an Oncology Nurse

First of all, I was born at Hartford Hospital.  My mother worked here in Medical Records when I was a child, so I always carried an affection for Hartford Hospital.

I came to work at Hartford Hospital as a new graduate in August, 2005.  I was fortunate enough to complete a Cardiology rotation here while I was attending nursing school, and I was hooked.  The technology and resources available to the staff were overwhelming.  I interviewed for a graduate nurse position and started on a Medical/Surgical floor.  As luck would have it, my new floor was reorganized, and I found my new home on Bliss 5, the Oncology unit.  The nurse educators and preceptors with whom I interviewed made me feel very welcome.  I made the change and never looked back.

I am among a growing number of new graduates who while I was new, I wasn't especially shiny.  I received my ADN at the age of 43.  It's not that I didn't start many times before; just something always came along to derail my train.   My children were older and more self-sufficient so there was no longer a reason to put off the dream that I had since I was a little girl --  to be a nurse.  I have never regretted the hard work that it took to get me to this point

I guess that it is natural for me to be on the Oncology floor.  My father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 1995.  He is in remission, but I still think of the wonderful care that he received during the course of his treatments.  This care drives me to return the same special care to my patients. 

I approach each patient with the thought of how I would like to have my own family treated.  It usually gives me a different outlook on my patients and their families to think of how they must be feeling.  I suppose that's also why I choose to wear my colorful uniforms.  If what I'm wearing brightens someone's day, or takes their mind off their troubles for a moment, it was worth it.

I have been fortunate since I have worked at Hartford Hospital to work with a great staff.  They have all been supportive and helpful to me as I have struggled through my first year of nursing.  I am proud to be an Oncology nurse and proud to be practicing at Hartford Hospital.