Women's Health

We know that choosing a place to work is as much art as it is science. It just has to “feel” right, don’t you think?

As one of the Centers of Excellence at Hartford Hospital, Women’s Health Services offers a family-centered approach to caring for women throughout their lifetime.

We’d like to offer some insight as to why some of our newest “family members” chose to work within our Department. We’re glad they did.

Elizabeth Chavez, RN

Sixteen years ago, I delivered my first baby here. While on postpartum, I had a sort of epiphany that nursing would be something I’d like to do. My mom was a nurse, so I grew up around the profession. Anyway, I enrolled in Capital Community College’s RN program, attended part time, and also had another baby in between. Four years later, I graduated from nursing school. I moved to Philadelphia and when I returned to CT last fall, Hartford Hospital was the place at which I was most interested in working.

So here I am, working as a nurse on the very same unit that inspired me to become a nurse in the first place. I still love obstetrics and have never questioned my decision to become a nurse.

Chloma Ogazi, RN, BSN

My mom is a midwife and has a birth center in Africa. I did all my vacation jobs in the center. Growing up, I struggled between being a nurse and a veterinarian. Eventually, I went to vet school and worked with pregnant large animals upon graduation – mostly horses and cattle. I came to the United States to work for the U.S. Army at Walter Reed Army Hospital as a medical research scientist. We conducted research of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other tropical diseases in Africa and South America. After each research field trip, I often wondered about the level of care these patients received, particularly the HIV/AIDS mothers and infants.

I decided to go to nursing school and got my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Stony Brook University. When I moved to Connecticut, I wanted a job where I could combine my prior education and research experience with my passion for obstetrics nursing. I chose Hartford Hospital because of the enormous opportunity that it offers in the area of Women’s Health research.
Nicki McAvoy, RN

I chose Women’s Health because, while my main interest in school was labor and delivery, I didn’t want to get SO specialized so quickly. I worked on North 8 as a PCA while I was in nursing school. I was proud to be part of the staff that won an award for the best nursing team. I had clinical rotations at a lot of places.  I found North 8 to have things that other places didn’t have like teamwork, friends and a sincere desire to connect with their patients. We also have terrific physicians, both attendings and residents, who respect and value us as part of the team and a strong unit manager who respects us.

Hartford Hospital is a huge place with endless opportunities and possibilities. With all the different departments and specialties available, it would be hard not to find someplace that interests you. We have a good reputation… it seems that we have an edge in medical technology and capabilities that other hospitals don’t have.