The Jefferson House Institute (JHI) is committing $45,000 for the 2013 Non-Acute Care Patient Quality and Safety Grant Competition.  This is a program designed to encourage investigation and development of projects/concepts aimed at improving patient safety and enhancing the quality of health care service delivery in the Hartford Healthcare (HHC) non-acute care service areas.

Non-acute service areas will include:

  1. Skilled Nursing Facilities
  2. Assisted Living Facilities
  3. Home Care
  4. Seniors living independently at home

The grant competition will be administered by Ilene Staff, PhD of Hartford Hospital (HH) Research; proposals will be evaluated and approved for funding by the JHI Committee and HH Research.  Investigators will be limited to HHC personnel.

Grants to be Awarded

The awarding of three grants, each up to $15,000, is anticipated for 2013.  This will be increased to $75,000 with five grants awarded in 2014.

Additional Potential JHI Funding

There will be the potential of additional JHI funding of selected grants upon satisfactory completion based on evaluation by JHI.

Timing for the 2013 Grant Competition

  1. Notice of JHI Grant Competition will be released on July 1, 2013, requesting submission of letters of intent (LOIs).
  2. LOIs must be submitted by September 1, 2013, to Ilene Staff in Research by e-mail ( who will forward to JHI.
  3. The JHI, in consultation with HH Research, will review LOIs and select investigators who will be invited to submit full proposals.  
  4. The JHI will notify investigators as to whether they are being invited to submit full proposal
  5. Full proposals from selected investigators will be submitted using the HH protocol electronic submission process (Trintech) by November 15, 2013.
  6. The JHI, in consultation with HH Research, will select the projects to be funded possibly using PI outside professional expertise in the review process.
  7. The JHI will notify investigators whose proposals will be funded and those not to be funded

Proposal Submission Process

  1. The investigator must submit:
    1. A complete budget using the latest HH Budget Worksheet
    2. A detailed Budget Justification document outlining costs and rationale
    3. Feasibility Statement
    4. PI and key personnel CVs (not to exceed four pages)
  2. Assistance will be provided, as deemed necessary, to the selected investigators in preparing grant submission

Research IRB Review

  1. There will be no IRB review of LOIs
  2. HH IRB will review all (as appropriate) JHI approved for funding projects
  3. Questions concerning IRB issues can be addressed to

Reference Patient Quality & Safety Goals for Investigators

  1. 2013 Joint Commission Patient Safety Goals
    1. Long Term Care Accreditation Program
    2. Home Care Accreditation Program which will also be used for Assisted Living Facilities and seniors living independently at home.
  2. Hartford Hospital Quality & Safety Goals
  3. The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority

Suggested Quality Focus Areas for Investigator Consideration

  1. Overall Patient Satisfaction
  2. Patient and Care Giver Education
  3. Communication with Care Provider
  4. Transportation, if required, to Care Providers
  5. Fall Prevention
  6. Medication Reconciliation
  7. Safe Home Environment
  8. Glucose Control
  9. Avoidance of:
    1. CHF and Aspiration Pneumonia
    2. Urinary Tract Infections
    3. Surgical Infections
    4. Respiratory Tract Infections
  10. MRSA Prevention
  11. Hand Hygiene Compliance
  12. Dental Hygiene Compliance