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Introducing the Center for Global Health at Hartford Hospital

Why do we need a Center for Global Health?

With rising interest and attention to international health experiences among domestic medical students, trainees, and attending faculty, the field of Global Health is rapidly gaining recognition as an indivisible component of global public health and health systems strengthening in resource-poor areas worldwide.  Accordingly, a growing number of academic institutions in the United States are formalizing their participation in global health efforts.
We are beginning to create a Center for Global Health at Hartford Hospital.  The Center is being developed in order to identify our footprint, create value, lasting partnerships, and strengthen the opportunity to provide world-wide impact.  Many caregivers at Hartford Hospital are currently engaged in some form of global health work, but these activities are not coordinated in any formal way. Integration and coordination of these Hartford Hospital-based global health initiatives will help promote collaboration across disciplines and will improve their cost-effectiveness and ultimate sustainability, both domestically and abroad.

The Center for Global Health's mission is to improve the health of communities through excellent and innovative clinical care, education, and research, while building sustainable relationships with our partners, both domestically and abroad.

What’s Next?

As a first step, we sent a survey to all physicians, nurses, dentists, PAs, APRNs, and CRNAs at Hartford Hospital in February, 2013. We received 224 replies with 55 (25%) saying that they had provided medical or dental care abroad.  Over 75% of the survey respondents said they would be interested in visiting these countries in a to-be-developed program.  

Our goal is to build a Center for Global Health that will integrate and coordinate the global health activities of our staff. The Center will leverage existing relationships and strengthen our ability to have a positive impact on global health matters and serve a global health mission that is in line with the mission of Hartford Hospital. The support we receive from our community will be vital as we work to build the Center for Global Health at Hartford Hospital.

Where Have We Gone?

Countries Where HH Caregivers Have Visited Include:

Click here to read about a recent trip to Ecuador by a team of caregivers, lead by Drs. Alan Babigian and Charles Castiglione.

How Have We Contributed?

Current Global Health Activities:

  • Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation- Partnerships and training- Multiple countries  
  • Hospital Italiano, Buenos Aires, Argentina- Urology Fellowship Training
  • Humanitarian Medial Missions- +20 missions
  • Magen David Adom, Israel- 5 year Mini-Fellowship in Air-Medical Transport  
  • Qi-Lu Hospital, Shandong, China- 57 scholars to date
  • Taizhou Bo-Ai Hospital, Zhejang Providence, China- Possible exchange program

How to Get Involved?

Complete a survey by the Hartford Hospital Center for Global Health.  This survey should only take about five to ten minutes of your time.  Survey results will be used in the development of Hartford Hospital's first global health database.

The Hartford Hospital network has a history of leadership in providing volunteer health services both domestically and abroad.  At the same time, Hartford Hospital continues to advance tremendously in technology and service excellence.  In order to best utilize these resources to have a positive impact on global health issues, a Center for Global Health has been created to facilitate and coordinate various local and international activities.  Your survey responses are important to us as we work to identify the global health activities of our physicians, clinicians, and staff, as well as your interest in participating in future opportunities.

Please stay tuned for more information and additional updates!