2009 Research Symposium

November 9, 2009
Hartford Hospital Education & Resource Center


Godfrey Pearlson, M.D.
What is your brain doing when you’re not thinking about anything in particular, and why should we care?

Gretchen Diefenbach, Ph.D.
Recent Advances in Cognitive – Behavioral Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

Joseph Kuti, Pharm.D.
Eluding the Pre–Antibiotic Era: Novel Approaches to Treating Multi–drug Resistant Bacterial Infections

C. Michael White, Pharm.D.
The Use of Systematic Review in Defining Evidence – Based Practice: The UCONN/Hartford Hospital EPC Experience

Paul Thompson, M.D.
Studies on Statin Myopathy

Gualberto Ruano, M.D.
DNA Guided Medicine in the Management of Cardiovascular and Psychotropic Drugs

Shawn Murphy, M.D., Ph.D.
Use of the Research Patient Data Registry at Partners Healthcare, Boston

Khamis Abu – Hasaballah, Ph.D.
UCONN STARR Registry for Clinical Trial Patients and Volunteers


  The following list presents new research posters that were submitted to Research Administration by Hartford Hospital investigators as of November 4, 2009 in response to the Call for Posters for Research Week 2009. Listed alphabetically by title, these projects represent the scope of research that is ongoing at Hartford Hospital. Posters will be on display in the Hartford Hospital cafeteria November 9-13, 2009.

A novel parallel ICA approach to investigate differential linkage between brain function and genetic profiles in a cohort of control and schizophrenia patients.
S. Meda, J. Liu, J. Gelernter, V. Calhoun, G. Pearlson

Abnormal functional connectivity in the default mode network in schizophrenia: State vs. trait?
K. Jagannathan, M. Moult, G. Pearlson, M. Assaf

Addressing barriers to mental health with racially diverse elders: A practicum partnership approach.
K. Bullock, E. Hickey, C. LaRocca, H. Spear

Advanced Trauma Operative Management (ATOM) Course: An exemplar of simulation education scenario development.
L.M. Jacobs, K.J. Burns

Advanced Trauma Operative Management (ATOM) Course: Participant survey.
L.M. Jacobs, K.J. Burns, S. Luk, S. Hull

An automatic segmentation tool for white matter hyperintensities using FLAIR and T1-weighted images.
A. Winkler, P. Kochunov, N. Dierschke, J. Lancaster, P. Fox, D. Glahn

An end to the Yom Kippur headache: A double blind placebo controlled trial of prophylactic Etoricoxib for ritual fasting headache. *
M. Drescher, E. Alpert, T. Zalut, R. Torgovocky, Z. Wimpfheimer

Combining sMRI and SNP data to investigate genetic influences on brain structure using parallel ICA in healthy controls & schizophrenia.
K. Jagannathan, V. Calhoun, J. Liu, S. Meda, G. Pearlson

 Comparison of the Airtraq® to direct laryngoscopy by flight nurses and respiratory therapists in the simulated airway. *
J. Suozzi, T. Nowicki, L. Bolton, R. Ventriglia, S. Donaghue, K. Robinson 

Demographic and clinical features that distinguish among schizoaffective, schizophrenic and bipolar inpatients.
Goethe, B. Szarek

Determinants of fasting plasma glucose and HbA1c among Latinos with type 2 diabetes: DIALBEST trial preliminary results. 
G. Kollannoor Samuel, M. L. Fernandez, J. Chhabra, S Vega-López, S. Segura-Pérez, G Damio, M. Calle, D. D’Agostino, R. Pérez-Escamilla

Diagnostic stability in patients with schizophrenia, schizoaffective and bipolar disorder.
B.L. Szarek, J.W. Goethe

Do bowel symptoms change after pelvic organ prolapse surgery? *
M. Patel, D. O'Sullivan, C. LaSala

Efficacy of driver simulator training for novice teen drivers
B. Campbell, S. Rogers, K. Borrup

Effects of amphetamine and genotype on functional connectivity during resting state.
B. Anderson Turner, M. Stevens, G. Pearlson

Evaluation of prolapse type and pelvic floor symptoms: Is every prolapse the same? *
M. Patel, D. O'Sullivan, P. Tulikangas

Factors which correlate with PISQ 12 completion in an academic urogynecology population. *
S. Collins, D. O’Sullivan, C. Lasala

Nursing leadership of successful clinical trial recruitment strategies to an NCCCP endorsed study.
C. Servodidio, D. Bryant, B. Duggan, C. Ellison, M. Gonzalez, D. Neri, N. Sprouse

Paneth cell metaplasia in children with allergic proctocolitis.
F.S. Balarezo, A. Ricci

Peer-counseling and inflammatory markers in Latinos diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes: Results from the DIALBEST trial.
M.Calle, S. Vega-Lopez, M. Puglisi, S. Segura-Perez, J. Chhabra, R. Perez-Escamilla, J. Volek, M. Luz Fernandez

Pharmacodynamic evaluation of tigecycline against Staphylococcus Aureus murine pneumonia model.
P. Koomanachai, J. Cr
andon, M Banevicius, L. Peng, D. Nicolau

Pharmacodynamics of human simulated high dose prolonged infusion Merapenem (MEM) against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (PSA) and carbapenemase producing Klebsiella Pneumoniae (KPC).
C. Bulik, H. Christensen, P. Li, C. Sutherland, D. Nicolau, J. Kuti 

Pharmacological manipulations of resting state brain function using alcohol and marijuana.
B.Turner, S. Meda, K. Jordan, M. Stevens, G. Pearlson

Physician attitudes, knowledge, and practice behavior regarding teen driver safety.
B. Campbell, K. Borrup, J. Corsi, K. Kelliher, H. Salaheen, L. Banco, G. Lapidus

Physiogenomic contours for statins and antipsychotics.
A. Windemuth

Physiogenomics of statin safety and efficacy.
G. Ruaño, A. Windemuth, R. Seip, A.H.B. Wu, P. Thompson.   

Use of last observation carried forward (LOCF) in clinical efficacy trials: Review of 352 antidepressant studies.
S.B. Woolley, A.A. Cardoni , J.W. Goethe

Web-based teaching module improves success rates of post-pyloric positioning of naso-enteric feeding tubes.
J. Lee, J.W. Mah, F. Fernandez, K. Shahmohammadi, I. Staff, K. Keating

* These projects generously supported by the Hartford Hospital Medical Staff

** Supported through Hartford Hospital Open Competition

The Research Program extends its appreciation to the Graphic Design Associates from the Public Relations Department for their work on the posters, programs and other materials created in support of Research Week 2009.  


Beef tongue model versus instructional video for teaching residents fourth degree laceration repair. *
M. Patel, D. O'Sullivan, C. LaSala, P. Tulikangas, A. Steinberg

Billiary brush cytology combined with immunocytochemical staining for IMP3 (KOC) provides superior diagnostic sensitivity for detection of pancreaticobiliary malignancies.
M. Parab, J. Hart, D. Mandich, R. Cartun, S. Ligato

Bronchopulmonary pharmacokinetics of Micafungin in healthy adult volunteers.
A. Nicasio, P. Tessier, D. Nicolau, R.F. Knauf
t, E. Shore, J. Russomanno, J. Kuti

Burlingame Center for Psychiatric Research and Education: Research activities during the past 12 months. **
J.W. Goethe

Change in anti-pseudomonal Carbapenem susceptibility (ACS) in 25 hospitals is not associated with the use of Ertapenem (ERT).
K. Eagye, D. Nicolau

Clinical pharmacodynamics of Cefepime in patients infected with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.
J. Crandon, C. Bulik, J.Kuti, D. Nicolau

Event related spectral perturbations in schizophrenia and healthy controls during auditory oddball performance.
R. Sharma, D. vonPechmann, K. Jagannathan, M. Moult, K. Kiehl, G. Pearlson, M. Stevens

Family history is a predictor of appendicitis in the adult emergency department patient. *
M. Dresher, S. Marcotte, R. Grant, I. Staff

Heritability of gray matter density estimated in a large extended pedigree.
A. Winkler, P. Kochunov, N. Dierschke, P. Fox, J. Blangero, D. Glahn

Heritability of volume, surface area and thickness for anatomically defined cortical brain regions estimated in a large extended pedigree.
A. Winkler, P. Kochunov, P. Fox, R. Duggirala, L. Almasy, J. Blangero, D. Glahn

High dose intravenous furosemide for the management of acute cardio-renal syndrome.
F. Zaeem, D. Giedrimiene, C. Statz, S. Bhavnani, L. O’Bara, J. Radojevic, M. Moorer, T. Devoe, M. Lisboa, K. Mueller, R. Veenstra, D. Cyr, D. Wenker 

Identifying network disruptions among resting-state components in schizophrenia and their unaffected first-degree relatives.
S. Meda, C. Rzepecki, V. Calhoun, M. Jafri, G. Pearlson

Is schizoaffective disorder a distinct diagnostic entity?
J.W. Goethe, B.L. Szarek

Is the diagnosis of flat low grade dysplasia on surveillance biopsy for inflammatory bowel disease an indication for colectomy? The Hartford Hospital experience.
C. Nero, K. Keyser-Sugrue, S. Ligato 

Ischemic stroke outcomes following thrombolytic therapy in octogenarians receiving statin drugs.
N. Zeevi, G. Kuchel, N. Lee, I. Staff, L. McCullough

Prospective outcomes of BIRADS category 3 probably benign breast MRI lesions.  
M. O’Loughlin, T. McLaughlin, I. Staff, E. Cronin.

Psychosocial impairment in childhood anxiety:  Utility and validation of the Sheehan Disability Scale - Child/Parent Version. 
S.E. Whiting, D.F. Tolin, 

Relationship of dietary micro-nutrient intake with fasting plasma glucose and HbA1c: DIALBEST trial preliminary results.
J. Chhabra, S. Vega-Lopez, D. D'Agostino, M. Luz Fernandez, S. Segura-Perez, G. Damio, R. Perez-Escamilla

Schizophrenia connectivity deficit analyzed by conjunction of resting connectivity and diffusion tensor imaging.
P. Skudlarski, K. Anderson, M. Stevens, G. Pearlson

Semantic memory retrieval brain abnormalities in schizophrenia: State vs. trait?
M. Assaf, K. Jagannathan, M. Moult, R. Lorenzoni, K. Kraut, J. Hart, G. Pearlson. 

Serum creatine kinase activity as a predictor of the hypertrophic response to resistance training. 
R. Seip, P. Gordon, P. Visich, L. Pescatello, R. Zoeller, T. Angelopoulo, P.  Clarkson, N. Moyna, P. Thompson, E. Hoffman

Sex differences in stroke outcomes for octogenarians receiving statins.
N. Zeevi, G. Kuchel, N. Lee, I. Staff, L. McCullough

Stepped care for obsessive-compulsive disorder:  A replication and extension.
C.M. Gilliam, D.F. Tolin, G.J. Diefenbach, S.E. Carlson, S.E. Whiting, M.N. Norberg, S.A. Meunier.

Unilateral endoscopic approach for repair of frontal sinus cerebrospinal fluid leaks.
C. Roehm, S. Brown

Use of aromatherapy in patients undergoing induction of labor. *
D. Gingras, M. A. Connor

Prevalence and significance of perineural invasion (PNI) in invasive breast cancer.
S. Karak, A. Ricci

Proliferative activity and HER-2 FISH results on hormone receptor/ HER-2 positive (luminal type-B) breast cancer.
S. White, G. Ibrahim, S. Karak, L. Mnayer, A. Ricci

Additional posters included in display:

Histopathologic and staging characteristics of ER/PR/HER2 “triple positive” mammary carcinoma.
G. Ibrahim, S. White, S. Karak, A. Ricci

Predictors of medication adherence in an urban community with healthcare disparities.
J. Colby, F .Wang, J. Chhabra, R. Pérez-Escamilla

Prevalence and demographics of intimate partner violence in an urban emergency department population.
E. Banerjee, D. Delgado, J. Delgado