Proposal Design and Statistical Analysis

The Research Program encourages investigators to consult with the Senior Scientists during the initial design of the project and the preparation of the protocol.  They can assist investigators with statement of hypotheses or research questions, research design, sampling, enrollment criteria, statistical analysis and power calculations, all required elements of the proposal. This service is provided to all investigators by the Research Program as part of our mission of research excellence.  The Senior Scientists are also available for the statistical analysis of projects but this may require compensation; the Senior Scientist can explain further and refer you to our compensation policy.

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Introduction to NIH and Grant Writing

The Senior Scientists have been assigned to specific departments to provide continuity, familiarity of discipline, and partnership building.  Below is a guide to help you find the individual you should call based on your department.

 Anesthesiology            Jyoti Chhabra
 Cardiology     Cath Lab  Jeff Mather
 Cardiology     All other  David O'Sullivan
 CEDHL            Jyoti Chhabra
 Community Projects/
 City of Hartford
   Jyoti Chhabra
 Dentistry            David O'Sullivan
 Emergency Medicine  Toxicology     David O'Sullivan
 Emergency Medicine  All other  Ilene Staff
 Endocrinology            David O'Sullivan
 Hartford Medical Group    Ilene Staff
 Integrative Medicine    Ilene Staff
 IRB            David O'Sullivan
 Medicine     Gastroenterology     David O'Sullivan
 Medicine     All other  Ilene Staff
 Neurology            Ilene Staff
 Neurosurgery            Ilene Staff
 Nursing            David O'Sullivan
 Nutrition Services    Jyoti Chhabra
 Ob/Gyn  Gynecologic Oncology (Breast)  Ilene Staff
 Ob/Gyn  All other  David O'Sullivan
 Opthamology            David O'Sullivan
 Orthopedic Surgery    Ilene Staff

 Outpatient Ambulatory Care
 (Brownstone Clinic)

   Jyoti Chhabra
 Pain Committee    Ilene Staff
 Partnership for Breast Care    Ilene Staff
 Pastoral/Palliative Care    Jyoti Chhabra
 Pathology and Lab Medicine    David O'Sullivan
 Pharmacy            Ilene Staff/
 David O'Sullivan
 Psychiatry            Jyoti Chhabra
 Radiology            David O'Sullivan
 Research Committee    Ilene Staff
 Surgery     Transplant     David O'Sullivan
 Surgery     All other  Ilene Staff
 Urology            Ilene Staff
Please note: Some projects cross disciplines and the appropriate Senior Scientist may not be clear; if that is the case, call (860) 972-0178 one of us and we will be happy to direct you.

Jyoti Chhabra received her Ph.D. in Nutrition from The Pennsylvania State University. Her doctoral research focused on Psychology of Eating Behavior in relation to Obesity. She is currently a Senior Scientist/Project Manager in the Research Program at Hartford Hospital. She is the Hartford Hospital lead investigator collaborating with The NIH Connecticut Center for Eliminating Health Disparities among Latinos (CEHDL). She is also the Co-PI for the longitudinal trial on peer counseling for people with type-2 diabetes.

Ilene Staff earned her Ph.D. in Social Psychology at Columbia University.  She has over thirty years of experience in applied research in health, social services, education, and government settings.  As a Senior Scientist in the Research Program at Hartford Hospital since 2000, she has worked primarily with the departments of Oncology, Surgery, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Urology And Orthopedics, collaborating with all on proposal design and analysis.  Manuscripts resulting from these collaborations have been published in several professional journals and presented at professional conferences.  Prior to working at Hartford Hospital, she was an Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut Health Center, where she was a program evaluator in the Division of Child and Family Studies.  She has also had extensive experience in the area of child welfare, and published repeatedly on program evaluation in leading child welfare and educational journals.

David O’Sullivan is a senior scientist in the Department of Research Administration at Hartford Hospital. He is responsible for conducting or assisting with the design, methodology, analyses and writing of studies undertaken by physician researchers at the hospital.  David’s research has included various topics on medical and dental epidemiology, many of which have involved underserved populations and several of which have been done in the Hartford area. He has first-authored half a dozen peer-reviewed manuscripts and co-authored dozens of manuscripts and abstracts. He has presented more than a dozen papers at national and international conferences incorporating topics on medical and dental.