Beyond advanced - robotic surgery.
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A Robot that Extends the Surgeon's Reach
The da Vinci™ Surgical System is the next generation of surgery: precise, minimally-invasive procedures that can mean less trauma, blood loss and hospital time for the patient. Hartford Hospital is currently performing da Vinci procedures in urology, cardiology and women's health.
In 2006, the hospital's highly successful robotic surgery program -- directed by Dr. Joseph Wagner --  earned Hartford Hospital the position of number eight in the country. (This despite the fact that the data used in this comparison was collected at a time when Hartford Hospital had only one robot and the other hospitals all had either two or three.)
When the data were collected, Hartford Hospital performed the most procedures of any hospital nationwide with just one robot. Since then, Hartford Hospital has collaborated with other Hartford HealthCare partners to operate additional robots. (As of January, 2014, the hospital has eight surgical robots: four in our operating rooms, three in CESI (our Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation) and one in Research.)
In addition to Dr. Wagner, physicians who perform robotic prostatectomies and urologic procedures are Drs. Steven Shichman and Stuart Kesler: physicians who perform robotic cardiac procedures are Drs. David Underhill and Robert Gallagher; and physicians who perform robotic gynecologic procedures are Drs. Christine LaSala, Paul Tulikangas, Amy Brown and Adam Steinberg.