More than half of the hospital's inpatient days are devoted to the care of persons age 65 and older, and at Hartford Hospital we make sure the special needs of elderly patients are thoughtfully and carefully managed. 
Our team of geriatric physicians, nurses and other caregivers works collaboratively with the entire hospital staff to assess and address the special needs of older patients. As a result, every medical-surgical unit is specially equipped to provide acute care for elders. Each patient benefits from Hartford Hospital's team approach to geriatric care management.
The Geriatric Resource Nurse Program evaluates each patient to determine his or her special needs, and participates in a team effort to address common geriatric problems. There is a Geriatric Medicine Consultation Service available to assist in the evaluation and management of more complex problems. 
Collectively, these geriatric resources assist the medical-surgical teams and the care coordinators in the coordination of care that is needed from acute care in the hospital to rehabilitation and convalescence in the community.