(GEM) is a comprehensive approach to the complex problems of aging.  
It begins with a thorough assessment to identify and characterize medical and functional problems, and identify where the individual is at risk (elements listed below). Strengths as well as problems are assessed, frailties are identified, and baselines are established. Supports (caregivers) and resources are assessed when appropriate.  
A comprehensive management plan is then devised that aggressively treats and attempts to resolve reversible conditions, manages chronic diseases, corrects or stabilizes functional problems, addresses support/caregiving issues, and focuses on future prevention and fitness (management goals listed below). This frequently requires specialty case management assistance.  
The goal is optimal health and quality of life. Because of the complex nature of the geriatric condition, GEM is often performed by multidisciplinary teams of geriatric specialists (team listed below). 
Many people over the age of 65 can benefit from a comprehensive geriatric evaluation. Ask your physician if a geriatric assessment might be helpful for you or your loved one. Your physician may conduct the assessment or they may prefer to send you to geriatric specialists such as those affiliated with Hartford Hospital. These geriatric specialists can work in consultation with your primary physician. 
Assessment Key Elements:  
  • History & Physical - Comprehensive  

Functional Assessment:

  • Physical - Gait, strength, flexibility, balance 
  • Sensory - Vision, hearing, smell and taste 
  • Cognitive - Memory, problem solving 
  • Affective - Mood, 
  • Socioeconomic - Activities and supports, financial resources 
 Management Key Targets:  
  • Memory disorders, dementia 
  • Frailty, weight loss, “failure to thrive” 
  • Gait and balance disorders, falls 
  • Medication management 
  • Geriatric/High-risk Case management 
  • Prevention - osteoporosis, functional decline 

Team Key Members:  

  • Geriatric Physicians 
  • Geriatric Advance Practice Nurses 
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists 
  • Geriatric Psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners 
  • Geriatric Social Workers    
Outpatient Geriatric Assessment and Primary Care Locations: 
Senior Health Services Geriatric Medicine Specialists
80 Seymour Street 
Hartford, CT 06102 860.545.7043
Senior Health Services Geriatric Medicine/Senior Health Services
40 Loeffler Road
Bloomfield, CT 06002 860.380.5150
75 Great Pond Road
Simsbury, CT 06070 860.658.3957