When a compatible organ becomes available, the transplant patient is immediately contacted by a transplant coordinator or surgeon and admitted to the hospital. At this time, a history is taken of any medical events that may have occurred since the initial transplant evaluation. Appropriate testing ensures the patients readiness for surgery.

The liver transplant surgery lasts approximately five to eight hours. When the surgery is completed, the patient is transported to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Once stable, the patient is transferred to the transplant patient care unit on Bliss 5.

The length of stay in the hospital is determined by a number of factors, including overall health of the patient before surgery. The average length of stay in the ICU is 1-2 days. Hospital stays generally extend from 7-14 days.

Careful, comprehensive post-surgical monitoring constantly evaluates whether the body is accepting the new organ. Patient education is a major focus of the post transplant care. Patients must understand their medical regimen and be responsible for their follow-up care.