Connecticut Injury Prevention Center

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Main Phone: (860) 837-5318

Orlando C. Kirton, MD, FACS, MCCM, FCCP
VP Academic Affairs, Hartford Hospital
Director, Hartford Hospital Trauma Institute
(860) 972-4189 

Garry Lapidus, PA-C, MPH
Director, Injury Prevention Center
(860) 837-5315

D’Andrea K. Joseph, MD
Medical Director of Adult Injury Prevention
(860) 972-5022 

Jacqueline McQuay, RN, BSN, MS
Trauma Program Manager
(860) 972-1538

Kevin Borrup, JD, MPA
Senior Program Manager
(860) 837-5309

Karyl Burns, RN, PhD
Research Scientist
(860) 972-3658

Trauma and Injury Prevention programs that are both age-related and seasonally-oriented are offered throughout the greater Hartford area.

Programs are offered that benefit all ages: infants and preschoolers; young children, ‘tweens, and teens; and adults of all ages. These programs are designed to reduce the incidence of injury and trauma through education and behavior modification.

Mission, Theme, and Core Activities

The mission of the Injury Prevention Center (IPC) is to reduce unintentional injury and violence among Connecticut residents.

The IPC’s theme is to translate research into injury prevention programs and policy.

To meet its mission, the IPC implements four core activities:

Click on any of the above core activities to find out what the IPC is doing with regard to adult injury prevention.

Activities related to Pediatric Injury Prevention can be found by clicking here.

History of IPC

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, the Injury Prevention Center is proud of its record of contributing to the reduction in injuries and death among children and adults of Connecticut. In 1990, leaders at Hartford Hospital had the vision to establish a dedicated Injury Prevention Center within the Department of Pediatrics at Hartford Hospital to reduce unintentional injury and violence among Connecticut’s children and adolescents. In 1996, the IPC became an integral program of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s mission to improve the health and safety of the state’s children.

In 2006, the Trauma Institute was established between Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to enhance trauma care services to children and adults. At the outset, injury prevention was identified as an important component of the Trauma Institute and one that was necessary to meet the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Level One Trauma Center requirements.

In 2007, the IPC at Connecticut Children’s re-established its presence at Hartford Hospital by formally resuming injury prevention work among the adult population in support of the Trauma Institute. Today, the Injury Prevention Center serves individuals and families across the age spectrum as part of a very strong collaboration between the adult and children’s hospitals.

Current IPC staff and affiliated research scientists can be found here.

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