Real-life Issue:
I’m told I have a pelvic mass and that there’s concern about ovarian cancer.
Real-life solution:
You connect with a gynecologic oncologist at Hartford Hospital, the experts in gynecologic cancers.
The Women's Health Services program at Hartford Hospital provides a full gynecologic oncology program. 
Expert gynecologic oncologists are available for consultation, treatment and long term follow-up. They specialize in care of patients with cancer of the ovary, uterus, cervix and vulva. The gynecologic oncologist works closely with members of the radiation therapy and medical oncology departments to ensure comprehensive care.
We participate in the national Gynecology Oncology Group (GOG) to foster ongoing research and improvement in patient care. Our clinicians are members of national societies. We espouse the team approach to care, in order to ensure that all aspects of a woman's health and well being are addressed.

All other areas of the Women's Health Services program at Hartford Hospital are available to patients in this program including colposcopy for abnormal Pap smears, hormone replacement therapy for menopause, and the Women's Ambulatory Health Service for the community.

In addition, we offer CHESS (Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System) for Breast Cancer.  CHESS is an Internet-based system that gives you information, support and decision-making help in the comfort of your home ... any time of the day or night.
Dealing with a diagnosis of breast cancer is made easier with clear information, emotional support and assistance with challenging decisions. Although your health care team will provide you with information about breast cancer, you may think of other questions when you are not with a health care professional or you may be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions.  CHESS can help!

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