Registered Nurse (RN)
Your nurse is a licensed professional who provides physical care and education for you. With your physician and other providers, the RN will plan, monitor and evaluate your care.

Patient Administrative Associate (PAA)
The PAA is often the first person to greet you to the unit. She will review with you your admission information on the computer and then bring you to your room.

Patient Care Assistant (PCA)
PCA’s provide care under the supervision of a RN and gives care such as taking blood pressures, assisting with bathing, walking, delivering meals/snacks, drinks and other care needs you may have.

Patient Service Associate (PSA)
PSA’s provide care to you by keeping your room stocked and cleaned.

OB/GYN Attending Physician
Your OB/GYN provider directs your medical care and works together with a team of health care professionals.

OB/GYN Resident
Hartford Hospital is a teaching hospital. The OB/GYN residents are physicians who are on duty around the clock. The residents assist your OB/GYN provider with your surgery and care after the surgery.

The Anesthesiologist is responsible for the administration of anesthesia during your surgery. Anesthesiologists are physicians specially trained in the administration of anesthesia and anesthetics who are available 24 hours per day.

Social Worker
Clinical Social Workers are available to assist you and your family with any social and emotional needs that you may have. Social Workers provide crisis counseling, support and referral to community and other resources. Social Workers can assist with issues related to anxiety and depression, substance abuse, adolescent pregnancy, adoption and domestic violence, as well as family relation issues. They may be contacted through your nurse.

Case Coordinator
Specialized Nurses who work together with your physicians, nurses, social workers and other health care providers to plan and coordinate your care when special services are needed.