While this may be your first baby, we hope it's comforting to know that Hartford Hospital has over 150 years of experience to offer you.  Our classes are taught by experienced professionals and are held in Avon, Enfield, Hartford, Glastonbury, West Hartford, and Wethersfield.

HypnoBirthing® Class
Department:   Integrative Medicine, Parent Education Program

In this Mongan Method 4week hands-on natural childbirth class for expectant mothers and her chosen birth companion, together you will learn self-hypnosis, deep relaxation, simple breathing and visualization to allow you to release fear and achieve a calm, peaceful, easy birth.

In addition to registration, please call the instructor at 860-875-4957 for more information.

Registration: Required.
Fee Desc: $250.00 (in addition a $30 fee will be collected by the teacher during the first class for textbook, practice CDs, and handouts).
Fee Amount: $250.00
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