While this may be your first baby, we hope it's comforting to know that Hartford Hospital has over 150 years of experience to offer you.  Our classes are taught by experienced professionals and are held in Avon, Enfield, Hartford, Glastonbury, West Hartford, and Wethersfield.

First Steps
Department:   Parent Education Program, Women's Ambulatory Services
Description: First Steps is a volunteer program offered by the Women's Health Ambulatory Service to first-time parents delivering at Hartford Hospital. The First Steps program provides...
  • Personal Support for new families
  • Reinforcement of skills/strengths needed for quality parenting.
  • Facilitation of emotional preparation for parenthood.
  • Increased awareness of community resources.
  • Reduced isolation of new families, therefore working towards the prevention of child abuse and neglect.
  • Identification of families with potential risks for problems parenting with early referral to services.
  • Link to the HUSKY program (healthcare for uninsured children in Connecticut)
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Registration: Required.
Women's Health Ambulatory Services
Phone: (860) 545-2780

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