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  • This form is to be completed by the patient, parent/legal guardian, or a person the patient has authorized to complete this form. Please do not complete this form if you do not have the patient's consent.
  • This form is not designed to respond to psychiatric emergencies. If you are currently experiencing a psychiatric emergency, please contact your current mental health provider or go to your nearest emergency room.

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Information on individual in need of treatment:
* Patient Name:
* Date of Birth:
 Address: Street 1
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  State       Zip
 This referral is regarding:
Self  Child   Other:
Insurance information:
Policy Holder Name:
Policy Holder SS#:
 Policy Holder Employer:
Insurance Company: Aetna (Please note: Our psychologists are unable to take payment from Medicaid or other state insurance programs, and some psychologists are not covered by all insurance plans.)
  Anthem BC/BS
  Other insurance:
  Alternative out-of-network insurance:
  Will not be using insurance
  Please provide information on treatment with a
      clinician in training
    Who manages the behavioral health benefits:

Same as above
  Value Options
     (Patients with Value Options would need to use out of network benefits.)
  OptumHealth Solutions
  Mental Health Network
  United Behavioral Health
  Other Plan:
Insurance Policy #:
Insurance Phone #:
(for behavioral health benefits, usually located on back of the card)
Whom should we contact regarding this form?
Contact Person: Patient
       Contact Name:
       Relationship to Patient:
Work Phone:
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* Email Address:
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 time to reach you:
Current Symptoms/Treatment:
Please describe the symptoms
of the problem:
Are the following present:
Thoughts of harming or killing self? Yes No
Thoughts of harming
or killing someone else?
Yes No
Problems with substance use? Yes No
Self-injurious behaviors?
(cutting, scratching, burning yourself)
Yes No
Please describe any other psychiatric symptoms which may be causing a disturbance or interfering with functioning at this time:
Do you currently take
psychiatric medications?
Yes No
 Current mental health treatment:
Outpatient counseling
Partial Hospital
Psychiatric medication
Past Treatment History:
Psychological or
neuropsychological testing?
Yes No
Any history of hospitalization for a psychiatric problem? Yes No
  If 'Yes', date of most recent hospitalization:
Have you been to the Anxiety Disorders Center in the past? Yes No
Please report any formal psychiatric diagnoses that have been given:
Other Information:
Who referred you to the
Anxiety Disorders Center?
Are you interested in:
Group therapy
Individual therapy
Accelerated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
(OCD, Panic Disorder, School Refusal, Specific Phobia)
Note that the Accelerated CBT Program is not billable through insurance. Costs for the Accelerated CBT Programs are listed here.
Research study
I am interested in information about other services outside the Anxiety Disorders Center (e.g. medication management, support groups, self help manual).
When are you available for
 regular weekly appointments?
Before 3 PM
After 3 PM
(Check all that apply. If you require regular weekly appointments after 3PM, there may be an additional wait time to schedule your initial evaluation.)

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