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25th Annual Mary Mulready Sullivan Oncology Symposium (for healthcare professionals only)
    The year's topic: Advances in Breast Cancer: Treatment and Survivorship
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A Diagnosis of Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS): Stage 0 Breast Cancer
    Hartford Hospital invites you to a free educational seminar to learn about Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS: diagnosis and treatment options.
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) - Refresher
    American Heart Association program designed for healthcare providers whose daily occupations demand proficiency in the knowledge and skills of Advanced Cardiac Life Support
An Introduction to Anxiety Disorders
    Get a basic understanding of anxiety disorders, its treatments and receive specific suggestions to help better cope with the illness.
Annual Cardiovascular Symposium
    This Annual One-Day Educational Symposium is a professional development event specifically for physicians, nurses and other health care professionals who provide care for cardiac patients.
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Baby Care Class
    Understand the unique needs of your newborn and learn great tips on diapering, bathing and general care.
Baby Massage Class for Parents
    This class is designed for newborns up to 8 weeks of age. You will learn to offer loving touch to your baby in very specific ways to enhance communication and bonding while learning to interpret baby's cues. Benefits include how to comfort, helping baby with digestion, elimination, weight gain, and more restful sleep.
Baby Signing: An Introduction for Infants and Toddlers
    Learn how to begin teaching your baby or toddler basic signs.
Barrett's Esophagus: How Acid Reflux Can Cause Cancer
    Hartford Hospital invites you to a free educational seminar to learn how to identify and treat acid reflux.
Basic Life Support (CPR) - Healthcare Provider
    Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for Healthcare Providers that need to be certified to perform their functions.
Bereavement Support Group
    Open to families and caregivers who have lost a loved one.
Bipolar - An Introduction to the Disorder
    A program for family members and friends of individuals who have bipolar or a related disorder.
Breastfeeding and Returning to Work
    Breastfeeding and Returning to Work class will help mothers to prepare to return to work or school while continuing to breastfeed.
Breastfeeding With Success
    Learn the basics and benefits of breastfeeding before your baby arrives.
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Cancer Wellness Support Series
    Come learn strategies to clear your mind and improve your mood in Introduction to Stress Management, Guided Imagery, and Gentle Yoga. A free series of classes open to all Hartford Hospital Cancer Program Patients and their care-givers
Car Seat Safety
    Hartford Hospital’s Parent Education Program is proud to offer a free Car Seat Safety Class.
Care for the Caregiver Series
    The Family Resource Center is offers this series for Families Dealing with Major Mental Illness.
Cesarean Birth Class
    Learn what to expect if you are anticipating a Cesarean birth.
Change Your Eating, Change Your Life-After Cancer
    It is often difficult to make the transition from a diet lacking in whole foods to a healthy, cancer fighting strategic health plan. This class offers support during the transition, and will help you develop skill power as we explore diet strategies and their influence on enhancing and strengthening the body's innate healing system.
Childbirth Class (One-Day Class)
    This one-day Saturday program provides you with the essential information you need for labor and birth of your baby.
Childbirth Class (Two-Day Saturday Program)
    This two-day program provides you with the essential information you need for labor and birth of your baby.
Childbirth Class (Two-Night Program)
    This two night program provides you with the essential information you need for labor and birth of your baby.
Childbirth Education - eLearning
    Online childbirth education classes. We offer an interactive, web-based program that's wonderful for first time parents or a refresher for repeat parents.
Comfort Measures for Labor
    Hands-on techniques to address the discomforts of labor.
CPR Family & Friends: Infants & Children
    Recommended for new parents, babysitters, and anyone who cares for infants and children.
Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis
    Join board-certified physicians Drs. Khuram Ghumman & Kristy Thurston to learn the difference between Crohn's disease & ulcerative colitis, their causes & treatments.
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Dementia Educational & Support Group
    An educational and support group that brings together those who want guidance, direction and support through this journey.
Depression - An Introduction to the Disorder
    For family members and friends of individuals who suffer from depression.
Divorced Women's Empowerment Group
    Come join us and be with other women who are single again. Learn tips for self esteem, coping mechanisms, and discovering individuality.
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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - Introduction
    Come to this introductory class to learn the basic principles and benefits of EFT for personal use
Enjoying Infants Together (6-Week Series)
    Learn fun developmental activities for infants and participate in discussions on various parenting issues.
Epidural Anesthesia for Labor - CANCELLED FOR 4/3/2014
    Learn what an epidural is, how it is done, the risks it involves and what to expect for pain relief.
Expectant Grandparents Class
    Gives grandparents the opportunity to talk with a trained professional RN (who is a grandparent herself!) about birthing changes.
Expressive Painting: A 2-Day Retreat for Everyone
    A truly expressive-based painting experience as we play with paint to explore the spiritual essence of our own nature. Light the fire of your creative flame by joining us in this spontaneous weekend of encounters to connect our spirit to the miracles that lay within.
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Finding Freedom from Hip and Knee Pain
    Dr. Paul Murray is a Mayo Clinic-trained hip and knee surgeon known throughout the New England area for his surgical expertise and free informative educational seminars.
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GMO Bootcamp: Knowledge for your Health
    This class explores what GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are, how GMOs get into our food supply, their potential health risks, and what we can do to avoid them.
Grief Support Group
    Grief can be a very confusing and difficult road. Come join others who are traveling the journey of grief.
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Happiest Baby
    New babies are such a blessing, but they can also bring on sleepless nights, crying, and sometimes quite a bit of extra stress. Learn an extraordinary approach to keeping your baby happy.
Head & Neck Cancer Screening
    Hartford HealthCare providers will be conducting free cancer screenings.
Head & Neck Cancers: Prevention & Treatment
    Hartford Hospital invites you to learn about Head & Neck Cancer risk factors and their prevention and treatments.
HypnoBirthing® Class
    A 5 week hands-on natural childbirth class for expectant mothers and their chosen birth companion.
HypnoBirthing® Refresher Course
    This 6 hour course is for those couples who have previously taken the 4 or 5 week HypnoBirthing® course, and would like a ‘refresher’ of the information and techniques before an upcoming birth.
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Introduction to Ayerveda and Healing
    Ayerveda, also known as the science of life, encourages vitality, balance and disease prevention by addressing the individual from a holistic perspective in accordance with the subtle rhythms of nature and the doshas (individual body types).
Introduction to Mental Health Benefits and Services for Severe Mental Illness
    An overview of benefit programs available for individuals with mental health disabilities.
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Joint Replacement Pre-Operative Patient Education
    This class is for patients who will undergo hip or knee replacement surgery, providing education on how to prepare for the surgery and recovery. This class is NOT for patients undergoing a shoulder replacement surgery.
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Kidney Transplantation: An Overview for Social Workers
    “Kidney Transplantation: An Overview for Social Workers,” is a one-day conference developed specifically for MSWs working with end stage renal disease patients. Presentations will be given by experts in the field of transplantation and will address medical, pharmacological, financial and behavioral health aspects of kidney transplantation
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Life After Prostate Cancer
    Hartford Hospital invites you to attend a question/answer session regarding your quality of life after prostate cancer.
Living! With Stroke
    Our annual stroke conference for stroke survivors and caregivers.
Low Back Injury & Treatment
    Hartford Hospital invites you to a free educational seminar on the most current treatments and care plans for injuries to low back.
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Making Color Sing (for Cancer Survivors/Thrivers)
    An ‘Expressive Color’ workshop, which will allow time to experiment without a predetermined goal. Learn to play with color and discover new relationships. Explore how color vibrates, speaks to us, and energetically heals us.
Maternity Tours
    A guided tour to help you get acquainted with our facility and maternity services
MELT Program
    In the MELT program, you will be taught self-treatment techniques that help prevent aches and pains, reduce inflammation, improve body alignment and erase negative effects of aging while releasing ‘stuck stress’ in your body.
Men's Health: Are All Your Bases Covered?
    Hartford Hospital’s Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute invites you to a free educational seminar to learn about Men’s Health.
Mixed Media Jewelry Art (for Cancer Survivors/Thrivers)
    Creating a Personal Talisman - through a process of self-reflection and exploration of art making. Participants will discover their inspiration and create wearable art. We may use a combination of paper, beads, metal, wire, fibers, photos and mementos to create jewelry of personal significance.
Monthly Yoga
    Learn breathing exercises and gentle stretches, followed by a series of poses and ending with relaxation and meditation.
Myeloma Update: Diagnosis, Treatment and Survivorship
    Please join The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Hartford Hospital Cancer Center for a patient program on myeloma.
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Overcoming Obstacles for High Intensity Female Athletes
    Hartford Hospital invites you to a free educational seminar on common athlete limitations and ways to overcome them
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Paint Your Favorite Pet (for Cancer Survivors/Thrivers)
    Be it a cat, dog or goldfish there is nothing in the world that makes us feel more unconditionally loved than our treasured companions. Bring a picture of your special pet and create a portrait to honor that relationship.
Painting Adventures (for Cancer Survivors/Thrivers)
    In this fun and process driven introductory painting class we will explore different methods and techniques using non-toxic water media. The use of color and it's meaning will also be discussed.
Prenatal Yoga
    This four-week program strengthens and tones muscles, making you more comfortable during pregnancy and better prepared for the delivery of your baby.
Pups and Babies
    Helpful tips on preparing your dog for your baby's arrival and introducing your baby to your pet
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Reiki Healing Touch - Level 1
    Learn a gentle hands-on relaxation technique that can reduce stress, muscle tension/pain and accelerate the healing process.
Relieve Pain with Hypnosis
    Did you know that in Europe hypnosis is regularly used as an integral part of the pre-surgery anesthetizing process? Come learn the science of how hypnosis works within the brain, as well as 3 powerful techniques to help put you in charge of your body’s comfort.
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Schizophrenia - An Introduction to the Disorder
    A program for family members and friends of individuals who have schizophrenia or a related disorder.
Sibling Preparation (All ages)
    Help your children prepare for the arrival of their new baby brother or sister. This class includes hands on diapering, creation of a birthday card for baby, a short video and a visit to the maternity floor for a look at mom’s maternity room.
Skin Cancer: Prevention, Detection & Treatment
    Hartford Hospital invites you to learn about the risk factors, treatment options and support needs of skin cancer.
Social Support Group for LGBTQ Issues
    A support group for 16-23 year-olds who identify LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, questioning) issues as being prominent in their lives.
SoulCollage® for Everyone: ‘Resolution’ Through a Reading
    Learn a variety of options to do a reading of your cards. Consulting our own guides that show up on the cards is an authentic way of answering life’s questions or challenges. The group process also helps us clarify what is expressed and brings fun and humor to the process
Sound Body Choir
    Singing brings JOY! Experience our instant choir and explore the freedom, and confidence that come from listening to your body, freeing your voice, and singing. Join this experienced musician/music therapist in a vocal improvisation that will raise your spirits!
StrongWomen - 12 Week Program
    A fitness program for women designed to increase strength, balance and flexibility.
StrongWomen - Summer Program
    A fitness program for women designed to increase strength, balance and flexibility.
Support Group for Families Dealing with Major Mental Illness
    A program for family and friends of individuals who have Schizophrenia, Bipolar or other related mental illnesses. Share your struggles. Learn to care for yourself while you are caring for others.
Support Group for Siblings Dealing with Major Mental Illness
    This is a group for siblings of those struggling with mental illness.
Support Group for Survivors of Suicide
    A support group for those who have lost someone close to them to suicide.
Surgical Weight Loss: General Education Session
    A comprehensive, educational session focused on patients who are ready to start the program or just want to learn more about surgical weight loss. The program is presented from the first step to post-operative follow-up. An open question and answer session with the surgeons follows the presentation.
Surgical Weight Loss: Support Group Meetings
    Join the Surgical Weight Loss Team for an evening of discussion, support, and education. Open to all who desire more information on Bariatric surgery.
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The Webb Schools Breakfast Series for School Personnel
    The annual Breakfast Series supports public and private school personnel who work with children and adolescents with social, emotional, and behavioral issues.
Therapeutic Touch - Basic Course
    Learn an energy technique that can help you decrease pain and stress, accelerate healing, and enhance well-being for yourself and your loved ones.
Time for Infants and Toddlers
    Led by a pediatric nurse practitioner, this class is for parents and children under 24 months. Learn fun, developmental activities for infants and toddlers, participate in discussions on various parenting issues and make new friends!
Time for Toddlers (6-week series)
    Learn fun, developmental activities for toddlers and participate in discussions on various parenting issues.
Toastmasters Club 2300
    A Lunchtime Club
Turn Photographs into Original Art
    Create original paintings by using non-toxic oil pastels to enhance photography. Turn an otherwise dull photograph into a beautiful painting. No need to be a professional artist or know how to draw for this class, all you need is a love for color!
Twin Preparation class
    This three part series will prepare families expecting multiples for late pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum, infant care and safety, and managing at home.
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Understanding Kidney Stones
    Hartford Hospital’s Tallwood Urology & Kidney Cancer Institute invites you to a free educational seminar on understanding kidney stones.
Understanding Men’s Sexual Health
    Hartford Hospital’s Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute invites you to a free educational seminar to learn about Men’s Sexual Health.
Understanding Peyronie’s Disease
    Hartford Hospital invites you to learn about Peyronie's Disease diagnosis and treatment options.
Updates In Urology for the PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER
    Hartford Hospital’s Tallwood Urology & Kidney Cancer Institute will be providing a series of three educational seminars for the Primary Care Provider. Each session is independent and will provide 2 CMEs and dinner.
Use Hypnosis to Boost Your Immune System
    Did you know that your unconscious mind strongly influences the strength or weakness of your immune system? If so, join Board Certified Hypnotist Lisa Zaccheo, MA, BCH, BCI for this educational and interactive seminar.
Using Hypnosis to Clear Grief
    Have you suffered the recent or past loss of a loved one or are you grieving the end of a marriage or relationship? Hypnosis accesses the subconscious mind, which is where all our emotional energy is stored, and is phenomenal for healing emotional wounds whether they're fresh and new or have been festering for a long time.
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Yoga for Back Pain
    Class will offer yoga poses to gently stretch and strengthen the back, abdomen, hips, and shoulders. Consistent practice will help to improve posture and ease aches and pains. It will also help make the important healthful transition from work to a more relaxed evening.
Yoga for Upper Back, Shoulders, Neck and Face
    This is a gentle class designed to relieve stress and tension in the upper back, shoulders, neck and face using yoga poses and stretches; and breathing exercises.