Heart Healthy Eating Lectured in Spanish (En Espanol)
Department:   Cardiology

This heart healthy eating lecture is being presented by Tasha Ramos, Dietitian Assistant working with Charlotte Meucci, RD in Hartford Hospital. Tasha lived most of her life in Puerto Rico where she began her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. In August of 2010 she moved to Connecticut and enrolled at the University of St. Joseph’s where she earned her degree in 2012.


By attending this lecture, you will learn:


  • Lecture in Spanish
  • How to make better food choices for a healthy heart 
  • Important facts about fat, sodium and fiber 
  • About healthy cooking and seasoning tips

Fee Desc: Free
Hartford Hospital Jefferson Building #118     map
85 Jefferson Street
Hartford, CT    06102-5037
Room: JB 118
Instructor: Tasha Ramos & Charlotte Meucci, RD
Registration: Required.
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