Ventricular Assist Device Education Classes (VADs)
Department:   Cardiology

The conference is designed for cardiologists, practitioners of internal medicine and family practice, and is also appropriate for cardiology fellows, midlevel practitioners, nurses, EMTs. And Paramedics
The class will include a presentation on what VADs are, how they function and common alarms and how to resolve. The Educational objectives are listed below;.
Educational Objectives:

  • Review epidemiology of heart failure
  • Review LVAD - Definition, Basic physiology, Implications of continuous flow
  • Identify types of LVADs implanted by Hartford Hospital that may be in the community
  • Review emergency assessment of a patient with a LVAD
  • Review emergency interventions for patients with LVADs
  • Discuss considerations for transport of a patient with a LVAD
  • Discuss ACLS considerations for patients with LVADs
  • Make available emergency contact information for patients with LVADs



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