The Effect of Peripheral Artery Disease on Wound Healing
Department:   Surgery

PAD, or Peripheral Arterial Disease, leads to a decrease in blood supply to the leg by causing narrowing and blockage in the arteries. In advanced stages, this leads to persistent foot pain and non-healing foot wounds. In conjunction with risk factors, like diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, PAD is an important cause of major impairment in lifestyle and disability. If left untreated, PAD can result in major amputation, however successful treatment can easily prevent major amputation and lead to early wound healing. The talk is aimed at help audience identify early and advanced PAD and its complications and to educate them about various resources available to them.

In this seminar, you will learn about:

  • The prevalence and cause of PAD
  • Recognizing complications of PAD, like foot wounds, ulcers and pain at rest
  • What to do if you have or suspect that you have complications from PAD
  • The various resources available to you to help manage PAD

Fee Desc: Free
Hartford Hospital Wellness Center at Blue Back Square     map
65 Memorial Road - Suite 425
West Hartford, CT    06117
Instructor: Akhilesh Jain, MD and Eric Silverstein, DPM
Registration: Required.
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