Using Mindfulness to Manage Stress And Promote Wellness
Department:   Parent Education Program

Hartford Hospital invites you to a free educational seminar on MINDFULNESS for Women’s Health and Wellness.  Focus in stress reduction.

Stress plays a pivotal role in a woman's physical and emotional health. It can cause or aggravate some medical conditions. Mindfulness is a tool to manage the stress of life; to promote wellness of mind, body, spirit, and to assist in the treatment of some disorders. Mindfulness has been effectively used in the reduction of stress, hypertension, anxiety, depression, and menopausal symptoms. Sheila Gately, MD is a long-time practitioner of meditation and mindfulness. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with the goal of increasing balance and happiness in many women's lives.

Dr. Gately, MD is a board certified gynecologist, trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

In this seminar, you will:

  • Learn what Mindfulness is, and how you can incorporate it into your life.
  • Hear about specific applications for Mindfulness in Women's health, easing the transitions and challenges in every stage of a woman's life.
  • Experience a taste of Mindfulness for yourself.


Fee Desc: Free
Hartford Hospital Wellness Center at Blue Back Square     map
65 Memorial Road - Suite 425
West Hartford, CT    06117
Room: Community Education Room
Instructor: Sheila Gately, MD
Registration: Required.
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